• 5 stylish fall outfits to try right now

    If someone is excited about fall, that’s definitely me! Fall is my fav season! Well, I do love spring and winter too, but I do prefer transitional seasons more than winter & summer. I kinda loathe summer as I don’t get along very well with scorching weather that we usually have here. Β So yes, super excited here to start and wear my fall wardrobe. I even got a couple of new pieces, but about that, maybe in a future youtube video on my channel.

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  • How is Vaping Changing the World of Fashion?

    The days of wearing a suit and smoking a pipe or cigar aren’t completely out of the window just yet, but with the introduction of vapes in recent years, it might not be as far away as we all think. Of course, fashion and different outfit styles aren’t put together because of the color or style of e-cigs, but some experts believe it’s only a matter of time before men and women properly cater for their e-cigs. Ultimately, vapes are now changing the way people dress for a number of reasons and, sooner rather than later, the color or style of a vape could be the difference in wearing a blue or red suit.

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  • Stylish Church Outfits For Women

    Currently my favorite summer skirt πŸ’ #styleinspo

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    When it comes to going to church, most of us have difficulties with the choice of the outfit, as it must be simple and conservative, contrary to the modern woman’s desire to look stylish in any situation. However, nowadays this contradiction is not so significant – it’s not a big deal to find fashionable and pretty clothes, which not only keep up with the latest trends but can also coincide with the strict dress code.

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  • Denisa si sportul

    Sa va spun sincer, primii 18 ani din viata am evitat sa fac sport cu incapatanare, nu neaparat pentru ca nu imi facea placerea activitatea in sine, cand stau acum sa ma gandesc, nu stiu daca am un motiv concret.

    In generala, am facut doi sau trei ani karate, oarecum obligata de tata. Chiar ma pricepeam, aveam un sensei simpatic si rabdator, invatam destul de repede katele, loveam repede si de obicei imi mentineam postura, cred ca ajunsesem la centura albastra, nu mai stiu sigur, dar stilul era Gosoku-ryΕ«. Acum tare rau imi pare ca m-am lasat si nu am continuat, dar am ramas cu niste reflexe foarte bune, care m-au ajutat in niste altercatii.

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  • Favourite fragrances of 5 fashion icons

    Favourite fragrances can be very evocative. They might remind you of flourishing first love or wonderful exotic holidays. You might be devoted to a certain chic brand or have a secret stash of scents to suit every mood and occasion. But the best perfumes for women are difficult to define. If you’re seeking stylish inspiration the favourite fragrances of these five fashion icons should keep you satisfied.

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