Looking for new headphones?

I have awesome ones to recommend you from Panasonic, their HF500 model

If you read this blog for a while now, you know that I’m always listening to music. I can go out of the house without putting some music on. And yes, I do have earbuds, but any avid music lover will know that if you listen to music through earbuds, it will hurt like hell after a couple of hours. So, it’s always great to have regular headphones also, much more comfortable.

These Panasonic HF500 came into my life in September and I’m totally in love with them. The quality of sound is amazing, they are super comfortable, pliable so you can carry them easy and stylish too. They are affordable too.

You can listen to music, podcasts, audio books or whatever you want with them, at home, around town take them to the gym or even on vacation.

I took them with me in Rome and used them with audio guides and my ears thanked me afterwards!

What type of headphones do you use?