Cute but…


I do not want to start this post complaining, but I’ve been uber busy this past weeks and will continue to do so for a couple more. Working on so many wonderful projects, but it’s an absolute pleasure, hence the not complaining part.

Still, trying to be organize myself and post regularly or semi regularly. Aww, today I filmed a couple of videos for my youtube channel. So keep an eye on youtube, ’cause they will be fun. At least, I had fun filming them.

Anyways, moving forward, did you see those “Cute but psycho” embroidered t-shirts going around the internet? Mainly on tumblr, I confess! I spend too much time on tumblr.

Back to the t-shirts, I was thinking on ordering myself one, because, yes, I think they are hilarious and a bit damaged, but in a good way.

So, I ended up checking up Firelabel embroidered clothing. They actually do more work for companies but for my next workshop, I’m pretty sure I’ll go for some fun embroidered t-shirts for the goodie bags.

Firelabel is a company that carries on the old crafting tradition of embroidery to make unique & personalized clothing. Today’s embroidery can range from an individual with a needle crafting, to a company such as their embroidered clothing involves sewing using a computerised embroidery machine.

If you wanted to know the more technical stuff, check them out!