Faces of Beauty with Braun

There have been quite a couple of sweet perks from running a blog for more than 6 years, but I’d never thought that my portrait will be hanging in a gallery. So yeah, surprises, surprises!
Faces of Beauty by Braun is a cool concept behind the launch of new face product, Braun Face ( it figures). 
Braun Face lets you enjoy two treatments with one device by simply switching attachments. Precisely remove facial hair by the root with the facial epilator or cleanse skin pore deep with the facial brush.
Galateca hosted Faces of Beauty for three days, but if you follow me on insta & facebook you already knew that.
There were handful of us, bloggers and editors,  and it was fun to have my picture taken by Lightaholic,  I was handful for him too, ahahaha. 
I’m really crazed when it comes to haven my picture taken. Most of the time I skillfully avoid spider photos, awww and random photos when I go out dancing, those will be the death of me.
Anyway, learn more about Braun Face here.