• Summer sandals & a fun giveaway

    My quest for comfortable summer sandals started about a month ago, however even after picking up a pair of black flats, I’m still looking. One pair never seems like quite enough to stop me from reaching for my sneakers or my plimsolls.
    My feet are a bit on the wide side, so it tends to be difficult to find sandals that fit perfectly. They often fall between sizes, and finding the right pair can take a while.

    As I continued my search, I was delighted to come across a whole selection of cute flat ladies sandals from Jones Bootmakerr. So, to share these finds, I’ve partnered with them for a fun giveaway. We’ll get to that shortly – let me first introduce the sandals.

    I’ve selected a couple of both flats sandals and wedges, for you to check out.sandals

    My favorite pair is the lace-ups, as they’re both comfy and stylish. However at the same time, I just can’t resist the elegant Aztec print. Combine that with the golden heel, and I’m smitten!  What can I say? I like them all!

    As for the giveaway, head to the Jones Bootmaker website and pick your favourite pair of sandals. Leave a comment below to share your top picks, and one lucky winner will receive a £30 Jones Bootmaker voucher to spend online.

    The giveaway will last one week, good luck!

    Read the Terms and conditions here.

  • Three lovely spring floral print dresses

    Don’t know what’s up with me and floral prints lately. I always stress on the blog that I’m not the one to wear any, but I can totally admire a good floral print from afar, sometimes I do buy some pieces which I always end up not wearing. Ohh, the struggle. Me and floral prints don’t match, but hey there are so lovely, and so pretty and I want them. Talking like a total crazy person…or a girly, girl, ha!
    I’ve picked three stunning floral prints dresses that I wish to have, hand in my closet, try it on regularly but go for a mono piece instead.
    The first floral print dress is from House of Fraser. Just love the bright but soft floral print… and very, very cheerful. Great for the office but light occasions also.

    The second is a boho frock from Mango, you know, your everyday errands and casual things. Wear it with a pair of fringe suede booties, aviator sunnies and you’re set.

    The last one, is from House of Fraser also, the watercolor floral print is just ahhmazing. Phaze Eight have some seriously beautiful dresses.

    Are you a fan of floral print dresses? Which one is your favorite?
  • The blushed list

    Back from a long weekend in Brussels and I already miss it. Such a dreamy city… Brugge too.
    I left with the thought of doing a bit of shopping, which of course, I didn’t.. Because every time I wanna do that, my plans don’t go as I want. Well, actually, I did bought a couple of things but not what I wanted, aka a pair of new sneakers. When I go to a new city, most of the time, I have this obsession of buying new sneakers. 
    Will share a couple of vacation snaps in another post and no, I didn’t forget the monetization post, it’s coming this week.
    Wanted to do a little wishlist with lovely, yes, lovely, blush & pink items that caught my eye lately. That gorgeous golden necklace does not fit the description but I had to include it, you see why, don’t you?
    You know that my allegiance belongs to the dark side, ha, but sometimes a touch of pink is welcome and I absolutely love that pink shirt from CT Shirts.

  • Quick news: Sun Plaza & Cabina Virtuala

    Quick news! Pana pe 16 noiembrie, in Sun Plaza, va asteapta o cabina virtuala unde puteti proba peste 70 de outfit-uri. Puteti castiga unul dintre cele 500 de premii surpriza & 5 tinute complete.
    Cabina de proba virtuala va asteapta la parter, in Sun Plaza, de luni pana vineri in intervalul 17:00-21:00, sambata si duminica in intervalul 12:00-18:00. 
    Mai multe detalii aici.
  • Grid Type Gallery-Europe’s biggest street party

    A few months ago, we found ridiculously cheap plane tickets for Boston and off we went. It was our first visit to the city and, believe it or not, Stockholm in February was more pleasant than Boston in March. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that we arrived completely unprepared. That I, in my converse and thin jacket, did not end up with pneumonia is honestly not even fair. But who has any right to find fault with a man who chooses to enjoy a pleasure that has no annoying consequences, or one who avoids a pain that produces no resultant pleasure?

    Fall Winter Lookbook

    Fall Winter Lookbook

    It was so cold that I wouldn’t even reach for my camera. I snapped more pictures with my phone than I did with my Canon. We stayed outside the city and ventured out to explore, but all those trips were cut short. Being inside and warm was just so much more appealing.

    Sweet home

    Sweet home

    We mostly just ate. I dragged Lee and our friends across the city and back to get Ethiopian, Mexican, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese. The best ethnic food was the only research I did before going to Boston. I drank tanks of cider after discovering the Downeast variety. This stuff is incredible. They make it right in Boston too!