• A Framboise Vacation

     Last week, on a sunny afternoon I went to the Atelier Framboise’s showroom to meet the two lovely ladies behind the label and check out their new collection.
    The new Framboise collection was inspired by those moments absolute serenity found  in the unplanned midsummer vacations. The pieces feature diaphanous, feminine and fluid design nuances and natural fabrics, silk, organza  and cotton.

    Now, the pieces are really lovely with a fabulous vacation vibe and below I picked a couple of my favorites, which you can find online at framboise.ro or in selected shops throughout the country.
    Well, besides the beautiful silk top above that came home with me.

    Fiji dress // Maldives dress // Santorini dress // Bali dress


    See, I wear colorful clothes too, ha!
    No seriously, black is a choice, but when I saw this fuchsia frock Kiki surprised me with it, I was like, hell yeah, I’m wearing this to the wedding. No, I didn’t blend in 🙂
    Stepped out of my dark comfort zone, if you can call it that way. 
    Life is a string of choices, wearing a black or fuchsia dress, changing your job, getting married, whether you stay or you go and so on. Sometimes, luck kicks in, and makes everything easier. You’re lucky that you made  the right choice. 
    I feel that I’m not making any sense.
    Still, the choices you make shape your reality! And the reality is that I’m wearing a fuchsia dress… I’m such a deep and thoughtful person :))))))))))
    Ok, I’m done..
    KIKI DUMITRESCU DRESS ( actually I’m wearing two dresses)
    PIXIE SHOES CUSTOM MINT SANDALS ( I wanted a model without an ankle strap)

    moonstone pants

    Sometimes I have the impression that I’m living under a rock… Though I’m a little stalker, I’ve missed this amazing RO brand, until now that is! Ladies & gents,  I give you ATU BODY COUTURE. When I first saw their items and photos a couple of days ago, couldn’t believe they are a local brand, #sorryimnotsorry, simply spectacular and mesmerizing.

    The lines  are presented in the form of seasonal capsule collections with different styles and aesthetics, the current two, from which I selected a couple of shots, are Ballet Class and Queen Bee ( available soon ).
    The first one , with elements inspired by the contemporary dance culture, classical ballet has the charming austere elegance of Nordic design. On the other hand,  Queen Bee, is a return to the seductress in every woman, embodied by the beauty of yellow flowers which merge beautifully with the dresses…

    I urge you to check out their Botanica collection too, here, trust me, you won’t regret it 🙂
    Aww, there’s part two also…
  • Câştigă o invitaţie dublă la show-urile Andreea Tincu & Sense

    Fashion In My Eyes va fi partener media la show-urile Andreea Tincu & Sense, de pe 9 Octombrie de la The Ark. Ce prilej mai bun, de a vă oferi o invitaţie dublă la show-urile în cauză?
     Vă aşteaptă regal fashion unde vor epata doua colecții unice create pentru sezonul primăvară-vară 2014!
    Cum puteţi caştiga ?
    Cu un comentariu la această postare care sa includa şi adresa de email!

    Felicitari, Ioana!

  • Wagner – Gradina cu Giuvaiere

    Wagner – Arte frumoase si povesti / Beautiful arts and stories… I kept the original title in Romanian because it sounds too amazing to translate but it goes something like the gem garden. A couple of day ago, I had the pleasure to meet Ana Wagner the artist behind this mesmerizing pieces and preview the newest Wagner collection, Gradina cu Giuvaiere III.  
    The porcelain is decorated in the classic glaze painting technique… Basically the porcelain is hand painted with gold or platinum by the Ana Wager, fit up in silver, gold & platinum  and afterwards adorned with precious stones, think rubies, sapphires or emeralds. Simply exquisite and custom too. 
    As I was fond of the brand, I never visited their showroom, and let me tell you, it’s a little charming place.(Str. Dr. Staicovici 19 )
    See the entire collection here. I have to show the beautiful porcelain dinnerware sets but those will go on DailyDreamDecor
    And here’s me trying on one gorgeous bangle…