Hello, it’s me, the one who used to post on this blog.  
    I’m very ashamed to tell you, but it came to the point that people are calling me to ask when I’ll post something new on the blog.  So, yeah, peer pressure!
    Doing this for such a long time, I was on a path of rediscovery this summer… who the f I am kidding? I procrastinated  everything related to fime, emphasizing on outfit posts, got caught up in other stuff, and there’s the never ending cycle.  Now that school is over, for eternity or until I decide to take up another class of something,  I have to learn to juggle “the other stuff” and this one, ha! I bet you understand everything I’m writing here…
     As you can observe, there is something wrong with me, I’m wearing frills, prints and pastel, not for long, not for long! Awww, and I lost my touch a bit at posing. 
    Also, I’m such a big idiot, but that story in another post… maybe tomorrow!

    H&M skirt and blouse  // similar here & here

    SmillingShoes classic pumps // similar here

    And a bonus to go with this crazy fashion in my eyes post, ha!



    Or how to have the same facial expression three pictures in a row… I’m that good, ha!
    Tried this beauty today and I had to share IT with you, it’s by Kiki Dumitrescu, you already know her, I just love the great form, length and precise cuts of overcoat. Ok, besides the fun pattern, and you know patterns aren’t usually my cup of tea. 
    Why the form, length & co? Because this kind of coats don’t normally suit my body, hello wide hips and broad shoulders, f it, hello hourglass figure! No, seriously now,  love it!
    Let me get my fur hat and I can visit Mother Russia 🙂 
    ps: check out Kiki’s fb too * wink *
    ps2: can you spot it?

    See, I wear colorful clothes too, ha!
    No seriously, black is a choice, but when I saw this fuchsia frock Kiki surprised me with it, I was like, hell yeah, I’m wearing this to the wedding. No, I didn’t blend in 🙂
    Stepped out of my dark comfort zone, if you can call it that way. 
    Life is a string of choices, wearing a black or fuchsia dress, changing your job, getting married, whether you stay or you go and so on. Sometimes, luck kicks in, and makes everything easier. You’re lucky that you made  the right choice. 
    I feel that I’m not making any sense.
    Still, the choices you make shape your reality! And the reality is that I’m wearing a fuchsia dress… I’m such a deep and thoughtful person :))))))))))
    Ok, I’m done..
    KIKI DUMITRESCU DRESS ( actually I’m wearing two dresses)
    PIXIE SHOES CUSTOM MINT SANDALS ( I wanted a model without an ankle strap)

    This was supposed to be a summerish outfit, but judging by the background, looks more like an Indian summer one.
    Well, it was blazing hot outside when I wore this look, but my trusty ripped boyfriend jeans played their part besides looking fab with my new  super cute strappy sandals from Deichmann.
    I’ve fallen in love with the Kiki Dumitrescu borangic tee, what’s borangic you may ask. It’s actually natural Romanian silk.

    KIKI DUMITRESCU borangic tee
    DEICHMANN sandals