See, I wear colorful clothes too, ha!
    No seriously, black is a choice, but when I saw this fuchsia frock Kiki surprised me with it, I was like, hell yeah, I’m wearing this to the wedding. No, I didn’t blend in 🙂
    Stepped out of my dark comfort zone, if you can call it that way. 
    Life is a string of choices, wearing a black or fuchsia dress, changing your job, getting married, whether you stay or you go and so on. Sometimes, luck kicks in, and makes everything easier. You’re lucky that you made  the right choice. 
    I feel that I’m not making any sense.
    Still, the choices you make shape your reality! And the reality is that I’m wearing a fuchsia dress… I’m such a deep and thoughtful person :))))))))))
    Ok, I’m done..
    KIKI DUMITRESCU DRESS ( actually I’m wearing two dresses)
    PIXIE SHOES CUSTOM MINT SANDALS ( I wanted a model without an ankle strap)

    This was supposed to be a summerish outfit, but judging by the background, looks more like an Indian summer one.
    Well, it was blazing hot outside when I wore this look, but my trusty ripped boyfriend jeans played their part besides looking fab with my new  super cute strappy sandals from Deichmann.
    I’ve fallen in love with the Kiki Dumitrescu borangic tee, what’s borangic you may ask. It’s actually natural Romanian silk.

    KIKI DUMITRESCU borangic tee
    DEICHMANN sandals

    First of all, I know I look slightly weird with my hand like that, no, I wasn’t dropped on my head as a baby.. or so I’ve been told. Seriously, what can you do with your hands during a photoshoot, keep them awkwardly in the air, no? Seems legit!
    Well, a couple of days ago, like I said, I went to the launch of Braun SkinSpa set, will tell you about this one later, and practically after 10 minutes since arrived all hell broke loose and a feisty storm started. I love me some stormy weather. Needless to say that everybody got wet, more or less.. don’t be pervy.

    Still,  got to take a couple of pictures that make me realize how big is my shirt, ha! You’ll see a lot of it this summer, because I absolutely love it.. as well as the bag!
    MANGO skirt

    posing like a pro!
    Yeah, that time has come, I’m wearing a cropped top… more like a bralet, yet another!
    Lately, I’ve had a hard time saying no to things, which usually isn’t such a big deal. Hopefully, I’m not going soft, ha!
    When I was in college, I’ve learned to say no without explaining myself, most of time. I simply refused to do some things, why? Because you shouldn’t do certain stuff if you simply do not want to, maybe you’re not in the mood, it doesn’t suits your life plan or whatever, say no without explanations. Yeah, you will probably look like a bitch at first, but hey, in the long run, it’s better, trust me.
    Another thing, when I’m constrained to do stuff, something bad happens.. almost always! No, I’m not paranoid.But when it comes to trying on the weirdest shoes, clothes, accessories, I can’t say no, it’s fun!

    Photos by Opal Studio