• Cool stuff for men from Frederick Thomas

    I love getting gifts for my friends & family,  love the process so much it usually goes like this: “Hey sweetie, it’s your birthday, what do you need this year?”. Ha, yes, I’m that kind of a person.
    I truly believe you should gift people things that they need or pieces with a story if they tell you to live them alone and stop asking what to get them. To be sincere, I kinda do the same.
    Yes, gifts with a story are awesome and usually very loved. Now again, I speak for myself. Yet again, I want to think that this is a general feeling.
    The problems start when I have to get gifts for the men in my life, because they don’t actually tell you what they need and the gift with a story thingy it’s kinda hard. Why? Because you can’t really buy a handmade doll to a dude. Or maybe you can, if it’s his favorite game character or something like that. 
    But one thing all the men in my life have in common, they love colourful socks and witty accessories in general. Handmade ties with cool prints made from amazing fabrics, gorgeous cufflinks, awesome pocket ties and so on.
    Well, I found a bunch of cool pieces on Frederick Thomas, hence the goodies in the photo above. Got two ties,  a tweed one + a printed one and two pairs of colourful yummy socks.
    And super quick, in three days, they were shipped on Friday and they arrived on Monday, iaai! Yes, quick deliveries make me super happy.
    Yes, the recipients of the items were very happy with their gifts.  * wink *
    Here are more favorites of mine from the site:
    1. navy blue with grey polka spot tie
    2. maroon skull design tie
    3. navy blue and light blue ribbon stripe tie
    4. navy tie with red fox print
    5. grey, purple and white patterned mens socks
    6. grey mens socks with yellow spots
    7. green, white and black mens socks
    8. white, black and grey argyle mens socks

  • 5 types of suits & blazers

    types of suits and blazers
    black tie tuxedo suits // corporate sharp cut suit // casually smart blazer // country tweed blazer // formal white tie morning suit // 
    Didn’t finish the post that I wanted to post this evening  and I remember this infographic about types of suits & blazer + the right occasions to wear them, I found on ClassSuits. A great guide for men, if you ask me! And for the ladies too, so that they know if their half is wearing the right suit/blazer. Ha!
  • For the guys

    Something different today, and a surprise tomorrow. Seriously, do check out the blog tomorrow for an awesome  surprise. 
    I rarely posts dedicated to men’s fashion, men have it easy. Or maybe not, but that’s how I see it, at least fashion wise. Throw a pair of jeans, a shirt, and that’s that, or a well tailored suit or tux. No, hunting for the perfect dress, shoes, bag, jewelry…
    Now, putting together this outfit took me a while and it’s not a complicated one you see, I liked the leather trainers from the Hugo Boss Green line, and wanted to try to style them. 
    Went for a pair of McQ Alexander McQueen slim-fit dry denim jeans, not skinny, skinny jeans on men, not my cup of tea, and a blue Armani regular fit short sleeve shirt, love this kind of shirts. As accessories, a Burberry full-grain leather Billfold wallet, Cesare Paciotti belt, Mr. Digler Readers glasses, a gorgeous piece from Cartier watches and Cartier’s  DΓ©claration d’un Soir fragrance. Aww, and a mint lip balm from by C.O. Bigelow.
    What do you think?