posing like a pro!
    Yeah, that time has come, I’m wearing a cropped top… more like a bralet, yet another!
    Lately, I’ve had a hard time saying no to things, which usually isn’t such a big deal. Hopefully, I’m not going soft, ha!
    When I was in college, I’ve learned to say no without explaining myself, most of time. I simply refused to do some things, why? Because you shouldn’t do certain stuff if you simply do not want to, maybe you’re not in the mood, it doesn’t suits your life plan or whatever, say no without explanations. Yeah, you will probably look like a bitch at first, but hey, in the long run, it’s better, trust me.
    Another thing, when I’m constrained to do stuff, something bad happens.. almost always! No, I’m not paranoid.But when it comes to trying on the weirdest shoes, clothes, accessories, I can’t say no, it’s fun!

    Photos by Opal Studio

  • Musette Spring Summer 2014 & more

    musette-primavara-vara-2014 (2) Last week I had pleasure to sneak peak the new spring summer collection of ro brand, Musette. Other than the fact that I stuffed my face with the most delicious macaroons ever. Seriously, I couldn’t help myself, and no, I’m not sorry, I’d do it again… I’ve fallen in love with a couple of key pieces from Musette’s spring line, which is actually broken down into five segments: urban tribal, artsy, athletic chic, power girl and classic is fantastic. 
    The four colors block heels tribal sandals are my favorite from the bunch, along with another pair of sandals which I couldn’t find any pictures of, and the orange espadrilles. Just gorgeous! 
    Browse the entire collection here.
    musette-primavara-vara-2014 (1)
    How I’d wear them sandals:
    With a simple silk camisole ( Equipment), double breasted blazer ( Topshop ) , cropped pants ( AE) and white asymmetric clutch ( Henri Bendel
    Aaaand yours truly at the event, in black, like usual! 
  • A day at Pescariu Sports&Spa

    Do you remember the day the blizzard hit Bucharest? If you’re from ro, you sure do but probably want to forget. Well,  that same day I spent at Pescariu Sports&Spa, how other better way to cope with what was going on outside? 
    Started the pampering with a Phyto-fermete treatment using special Yon-ka techniques to improve skin firmness, that included aromatic body wraps, a divine massage during which I’ve fallen asleep at one point, yes, it was that relaxing .
    After came Escale Beaute that left my face hydrated, bright & silky smooth, a steam bath with five essentials oils, exfoliation, another relaxing massage and a vitality mask does that to you. 
    Resisted about 7 minutes in the wet sauna but felt revitalized afterwards so I can enjoy a green tea and  try the heated marble chairs in the relaxation room.  Now, as I’m writing this I want to go back asap! 
    Then, pool time! Being a water sign, I do love every moment spent swimming or simply fooling around in a pool.  So, ladies & gentlemen, if you do want to spend an amazing day filled with relaxing activities and more, they do have  awesome aerobics classes and a luxe gym, do try Pescariu Sports&Spa.
    Credit photo: Opal Studio