• Christmas decor

    I didn’t have the chance to decorate yet, I want to use a bit of decorating fabric, but there’s a bit of shopping to be done before.
    Still, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? Ok, depends how you put it, because I’m kind of hating the weather right now… especially, the snow + wind, part. The fun part is that I used to love snow, winter actually.  Last week, we had a little Secret Santa event at   school college,  it was so fun and I received the cutest mug ever, red with pretty snowflakes and a candy cane like handle… full with candy * wink *   It’s perfect for hot chocolate, or better mulled wine… double wink.
    Well, enough about that, for now at least. Christmas is around the corner and I thought that for this week’s start  to have a special interior design feature,  a bit of seasonal home decorating inspiration is in order, don’t you think so?

    This scenario over here is just dreamy, a cozy fire in a stove, next to it, a rustic bucket full of wood, cute printed pillows and a simple decorated, yet fabulous,  Christmas tree…

    Weaved basket instead of the old Christmas tree stand? Yes please! Another detail that I’m fancying here, is the use of candles in the tree, looks so elegant, doesn’t it? Still, I know they aren’t real candles..

    I just love the home fabric in this one , that throw is just gorgeous and  perfect  for cold winter days. Also, how awesome are those wreaths?

    Last but not least, this space is a bit different from the above, full on silver wonderland, I can’t say it’s a white wonderland you know. Love the wallpaper and the minimal decorations, those paper ( guessing here, not sure) trees are adorable.

    all via my pinterest 

  • Interiors: Balmain Paris

    Hope you’ve been nice and received a lot of presents from Saint Nicholas, or at least a fun and fashionable twig. Joking, joking. 
    These past few weeks we kind of skipped of on the Interiors section of this blog,  tried not too, but I post so many pretty interiors on Daily Dream Decor so maybe that’s why I tend to forget to post some here too… bad blogger, I know! Also, they have to be a little fashion related  *wink*.
    Now, speaking about fashion & fashion world related interior design,  how about this glimpse into the Balmain world, decor wise of course.
    These are from Christophe Decarnin reining days, and if I’m not mistaken they are from the Balmain headquarters in Paris. Quite timeless, if I may add.
    The architect who is in charge of this whimsical space, Joseph Dirand , is responsible a couple of designer boutiques all around the world, from New York to Beijing and London. A couple of clients include Alexander Wang, Pucci & Rick Owens. From all the spaces I told you about, the Balmain one must be my favorite of his. You can see Joseph Dirand’s entire portfolio here.  And a little quote of his from an interview he did for Freunde Von Freunden  “I am happy, because that is my work, that is my life” …

    So, yes, I kinda love everything about this elegant commercial interior, the gilted details on the walls, the mirrored halls, gorgeous drapery and little feminine touches, like the rose bouquet.

  • Interiors: Carolina Herrera Baez

    Spanish influence, at home with Carolina Herrera Baez  is the creative director of Carolina Herrera fragrances,  daughter of that Carolina Herrera, if you are wondering. Her father is a marquis, and you read this blog, you most certain know what her mother does. Aww, and her husband is famous Spanish bullfighter. Just to give you an idea.

    A beautiful Jonathan Adler adorns the dining room where neon lights of Carolina’s children’s first initials spell “love” in Spanish.

     Watercolor painting by  Máximo González, and the upholstered settee is a flea market find, perfect entry or what? I’m also loving the gingham chair and the print mix going on there.

    Beautiful master bedroom, the floors are quite awesome, and that golden mirror is also a flea market find.

    Also, love the mismatched chairs in the kitchen!
    Perfect reading nook, or blogging nook or studying nook:)

    I know I missed the interiors feature the last couple of weeks and not because I didn’t have anything to show, but to be sincere, because I was plain lazy. And by lazy I mean, busy in the morning and then forgetting to post in the afternoon. 

    Yesterday, for example, I ran around town like crazy all day, actually went to a class too, and then, after an amazing event, I was too tired to post.  Forgot my glasses home, because I switched bags 3 times, and was slightly blind afterwards. Someone suggested contact lenses, I did checkout a couple on http://www.getlenses.co.uk, but knowing myself I’d probably lose them in the first week.

    I came across this beautiful interior, a couple of day ago when I was doing a little “research” for Daily Dream Decor and I knew it was perfect for this week’s interiors post.

    Produced by Cynthia Frank; photography by William Waldron for Elle Decor