• Lancome dreams and news

    Do you remember your first Lancome product? Well, I do, somehow, but it wasn’t mine. It was my moms and I’d “borrow’ it, if borrow means trying it and forgetting to give it back. It was a rich natural/rose shade lipstick I put my hands on and eventually misplaced it. Loved so much that shade, I thought it complimented my lips and face perfectly.
    Then I started buying my own because my mom utterly refused to let me try hers for a while. One was a Lancome Rouge In Love in a bubbly bright pink shade and the other, L’Absolu Rouge in a mother natural pink/nude shade.
    With that in mind, on a rainy day, went to Lancome’s event where they were to have a big announcement and to discover some new awesome products.
    The big news? Alexandru Abagiu is the first national Lancome make up artist! Iaai! For those reading from ro, you already know who he is, for the rest who might or not know him, he’s a super talented make up artist superstar. Yeah, he’s that popular!
    During the event, I had the chance to discover two new awesome products, one new for me, and one for everybody.
    I’ll start with the Miracle Cushion Foundation which is absolutely delicious. Why? Besides the great light texture, the satin finish & the freshness it give to the skin? Somehow it reminds me o chocolate mousse and I kinda want to dip my finger in it and taste it. Neah, foodie? I’m no foodie… who am I kiddin’, yes I am! Anyway, Koko did a great review here.
    As for the new Juicy Shaker lipstick, it has bi phased formula pairing nourishing lip oils with beautiful pigments for plump but natural looking, glossy lips. These nourishing oils contain sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil. Yes, that sounds delicious as well.
    The applicator? It’s a cushion something, something that feels marvelous and it’s super easy to use.
    All the products are available in Sephora, Douglas, Kendra & Mariounnaud. 
  • Cum sa fii tu in orice moment cu B.U.

    Am atatea lucruri despre care vreau sa scriu pe blog, saptamana trecuta tot am deschis laptopul, m-am logat si pauza. 

    Voi incepe saptamana prin a-ti povesti despre o campanie de empowering a celor de la B.U. si despre noua gama de produse lansate plus a little something, something despre cum sa fii tu in orice moment.
    Asa, pai B.U. au lansat campania #BUnofilter prin care ne incurajeasa sa fim noi in orice moment. Cum adica sa fii tu in orice moment? Sa fii spontana, sa te exprimi liber, sa ai incredere in tine si in abilitatile tale, sa be you pe scurt. Cam greu cateodata, stiu.
    Imi aduc aminte prima oara cand am descoperit B.U., cred ca era 2002 sau 2003, era vacanta de vara, cred ca eram clasa a 6 a sau a 7 a si am primit cadou un spray B.U. , da un spray, erau alte vremuri. Eram foarte mandra de mine, mi se parea atat de tare, aveam deja de unde sa aleg, adica doua spray-uri. 
    Fast forward in liceu, mi-am cumparat primul parfum B.U., eram in perioada mea de glorie punk rock. Acum sa fiu sincera, atunci cred ca ma exprimam cel mai liber, par scurt, black eyeliner, black clothes si o atitudine din extraordinar de  relaxata, to say so. In acelasi timp, eram kinda nerdy & recitam poezii de Eminescu pe la ziua liceului. Ce sa mai, o combinatie oarecum haioasa.

    Si acum incerc sa fiu eu in orice moment, sa zicem ca o alta versiunea a mea in functie de situatia in care ma aflu dar bazata pe aceleasi principii. Business savy, party girl, relaxata, creativa, bubbly, sparkling, wild & crazy, mai ales wild and crazy. O parte chiar starile din campania #BUnofilter .
     Dar am invatat & inca invat sa ma simt bine in pielea mea, cu bune si cu rele. Da, normal ca sunt si rele. 

    Some tips on cum sa fii tu in orice moment?

    • trust your instinct, 99% din timp you’ll get it right.
    • nu toata lumea o sa te placa, nici nu trebuie. Persoanele carora incerci sa le faci pe plac nu vor fi alaturi de tine cand vei avea nevoie. Again, you do you.
    • mai trebuie sa faci si compromisuri din cand in cand dar fa asta just for a higher purpose.
    • apreciaza cine esti si daca vrei sa schimbi ceva la tine, fa asta pentru tine nu prentru altcineva.
    • cunoaste-ti valorile personale & act on them
    Pana in iunie, B.U. are provocare saptamanala pe bunofilter.com/romania, daca iti incarci fotografia in site & iti alegi starea, poti castiga o multime de premii. Dar te las sa le descoperi pe site.

    Also, noua gama Golden Kiss vine in intampinarea #BUnofilter cu un vibe fresh & cool. Ce sa iti spun despre noul parfum Golden Kiss? Te va invaluii cu un buchet floral & fructat ca mai apoi sa simti aroma proaspata de bergamot, mar & para, plus un extra touch dulce de flori de iasomie & pruna.  Este un parfum pentru zilele de in care vrei incerci ceva nou, inedit.
    Gama contine B.U. Golden Kiss Eau de Toilette, B.U. Golden Kiss Natural Spray & B.U. Golden Kiss Deo Body Spray.
    Te invit sa descoperi site-ul bunofilter.com/romania, sa participi la concurs si sa keep an eye pe facebook & instagram. Voi posta starea mea in fiecare saptamana + inca o surpriza.
    Tu ce stare ai astazi?
    I feel sparkly 🙂
  • Great eyelashes? Try Bonilash!

    I’ll start this post by telling you a little secret, I’m afraid of using fake lashes! Why? Because I have the impression that I’ll tore my lashes when I’ll remove them. Agree, they look amazing, tried the individual ones, once at an event but that’s that.
    So, when I received Bonilash I was very excited to give it a go.
    What is Bonilash? Well, yes, it’s lash serum, it figures. Based on the active ingredient bimatoprost – effective incentive for eyelash growth, which has a positive effect on the length, thickness, number, health and color of the lashes. 
    The carefully engineered formula of the serum strengthens and enhances the root, amplifies  the synthesis of keratinocytes, helping to improve the appearance and condition of your lashes + acceleretes their growth.
    The products must be used daily, which I didn’t of course, but I did use it 3 or 4 times a week,  when I remembered.
    Did I see a result? Yes, I did. The lashes are stronger and they do look a bit more thick. Also, they do not fall down so often as they did before after removing eye makeup.
    Did they grow? Probably, but I can’t tell you that for sure.
    I’m pretty sure that if used daily, the result is  more intense.
    More details about Bonilash here.
    Did you tried it?
  • L’Oreal Trends Workshop + 5 Tips

    On this day, two weeks ago, with a grueling hangover but very excited about what was about to unfold, I attended an awesome L’Oreal workshop.

    The workshop had two parts, actually three, yes, yes, there were three.
    The first part consisted in a trend presentation by Alexandru Abagiu, more than one hour full of fashion beauty talk. I’m not going to guide you through it but Koko wrote a great post about  trends. 
    Just to name one of my favorites, the after-the-gym look, were basically you look kinda sweaty, scratch that, glowing. Why I like this one? Because I can achieve it by simply going to the gym, ha! Joking, joking. Looks fresh and natural, you know, for the lazy ladies. Ehhm, me included.
    Then came a demonstration of How to achieve the feline look that L’Oreal is promoting lately, alongside with a launch of a couple of professional made accessible to the public, products. Will get to that asap.
    During the demonstration, of course, by Alex Abagiu, he gave us a couple of tips that I personally didn’t know and found very useful.
    1. When applying foundation don’t forget about your ears. Same goes for contouring. Well, yeah, I didn’t do that until now. 
    2. When applying bronzer or sculpting products, with a brush or beauty blender, go from exterior to interior, so you don’t apply a big chunk of product on the middle of your face.
    3. You can use blush powder products as eyeshadow also. Especially if you spray them with a fixing solution before, to get a more intense look.
    4. For extra plump and natural looking eyebrows, use different products in different shades.
    5. Use a fixing spray before and after you do your make up for a more lasting result.
    The end result, ladies:

    Then there was a practical were we could try the new products ourselves. During the workshop I tried the Super Gel Intenza, which I continued using since then. Darlings, it’s amazing.  Super easy to apply, super easy, of an intense black and rich gel texture. Before this one, I could’ve apply correctly just one type of eyeliner, and I own more than 10, but this is one is game changing. You should really try it.

    Another product that I’m very excited about, and my momma too, is the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper. Mascara like, again super easy to use, it defines and  plumps your eyebrows in really natural way. I’ve been using different types of plumpers, from high end ones to more drug store types, buy i’m really loving this one because it doesn’t burden your eyebrows and you don’t get the sticky sensation. You know what I mean?

    I’m a more of a powder sculpting gal, but the Infaillible Sculpt Palette is right up my alley. Both of the light-shadow sculpting shades are amazing, but love, love, love the illumination one. Leaves your skin luminous and very fresh looking. Aaaand again, very easy to use, especially with a beauty blender. Looks very well used with the Infaillible Blush Sculpt.

    And the last item I wanna talk about is the Infaillible Long Lasting Lips, which you need sand paper to get off after you apply it. Not quite, but you need waterproof makeup remover if you don’t want to do the Kylie Jenner lips challenge unwillingly. With high-intensity, transfer-resistant color it actually stays on your lips for hours and hours.  It’s two step process:
    Step 1: Apply High Intensity Color for true color pay-off that resists transfer, fading & bleeding.
    Step 2: Apply Pro-Seal Balm to lock in color and leave lips feeling moisturized.

    I think I covered almost everything, I really enjoyed the workshop and it was very, very useful also!
    Did you try any of the products I mentioned?

     Aaaand a selfie I took after the workshop 🙂

  • L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Folie Florale

    Good news! L’Occitane just launched a new line for spring, Cherry Blossom Folie Florale, and guess what? Yes, you guessed it! The fragrance is divine, a burst of freshness and spring 🙂
    I’ve been a big fan of L’Occitane for a long, long time now… first flirted with their peony collection and always fancied their packaging, which as you know, is beyond lovely.
    Here, the new line was marked by the reopening of the L’Occitane store in AFI Palace Cotroceni, I dropped by on Wednesday to check it out along with the Cherry Blossom line.
    And you should definitely go as well.