• 3 coafuri simple și rapide pe care să le încerci acum

    Ladies, nu știu dacă ați văzut noul clip de youtube, de care, btw, sunt foarte mândra, dar am zis să avem consemnat și pe blog că cele doua mâini stângi ale mele au facut aceste trei coafuri pe care eu le găsesc super.

    Și în plus, vreau sa vă și povestesc de noua placă de la Babyliss 2 in 1 Pure Metal Inox, proaspăt lansată și numai bună ca și cadou de Sărbatori și nu doar de Sărbatori.

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  • A day in Liverpool

    First and foremost, I’m super excited that in May I’ll be spending a couple of days in England, in London to be more specific. It’s my first time here as a visiting trip, not a business one, as I’ve traveled to London twice until now, but only with work.

    So, what’s with the Liverpool title? After this trip to London, I’ll book other locations in England and the guys over at Liverpool 1 challenge me to do a list of what I’d do in Liverpool for a day regarding shopping and eating. Well, hello! Two of my fav activities.

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  • 5 cool & timeless wedding guest outfit ideas

    This year like no other, I have to attend 4 wedding, yes, got that right, 4 weddings. I plan to make two outfits and wear them twice, as there are different groups of people, ha! Seriously, you already know my opinion by weddings in general.

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  • Who is the absolute you?

    I’m gonna start this article by stating that I went through many stages in my life until now. What do I mean? All the type of stages, what I wanted to do with my life, I wanted to be a landscaper, a lawyer, a prosecutor, a physicist ( this is the one I kinda regret ); how I was perceived by other persons, the silly one, the emo girl, the fat kid, the funny one, the rich girl ( which is so not the case ), the arrogant one ( mainly because I’m socially awkward ) and so on.

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  • Planning to Straighten Your Hair? Read this First

    Be it curly, straight or something in-between, everyone looks good in their own way. Having said that, personal preferences do vary from person to person. It could be that you just want a change in your hairstyle, or maybe managing the tangles and knots every day has become too time consuming for your busy schedule now. Whatever the reason is, if you have decided to go for hair straightening, here are a few things that you should know before you actually do it.

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