• Why a soothing environment is important when dog training

    When you are training a dog, it is important that you provide the dog with the right type of environment. If everything around the dog is pure chaos, the dog is going to struggle to stay focused. This could lead to a disobedient dog, but they wouldn’t be meaning to ignore you. They need to have a relaxing, positive, and soothing environment if you want them to get the most out of each training session.

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  • Cadou de Crăciun? Ce ați spune de căști super cool?

    Nu cred că sunt singura care am intrat deja in fibrilația cadourilor de Crăciun. Nu prea știu de ce pentru că am aproape toate cadourile covered. Bine, inca aștept să îmi ajungă niște colete. Și voi simțiți deja această ”grijă” e drept plăcută, însă tot un soi de grijă este, nu-i așa? Mai ales atunci când nu știi ce anume și-ar dori persoana căreia vrei să-i faci o surpriză de Sărbători. Și nu ai nici inspirație… Un clip cu cadouri de Crăciun mai altfel, next week pe youtube!

    Eu de exemplu îmi cam pierd căștile destul de des, prin casă ce-i drept, dar am trei perechi de căști și la un moment dat am nu mai găseam nici una!

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  • What happens at antique auctions?

    For most of us, the only glimpse we’ve had at an auction is via day-time TV shows, but auctions are making a significant comeback and are an ideal place to find jewellery, furniture and other vintage items. From antique auctions in Ireland to jewellery auctions in Devon, people are putting their prized items under the hammer more and more. Here’s a quick over view of the auction process from start to finish, and what you need to be aware of if you’re thinking of clearing out the attic and selling some of your rusty family heirlooms.

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  • Cool motorcycle gear for women

    When I was in high school and super obsessed with rock music and everything rock, I still listen & love rock and metal music but not that obsessed anymore, I dreamed to ride motorcycles and maybe even own one. I was planning to take the driver permit test and always sighed when I saw motorcycles and women riding them. Later on, I kinda developed a phobia with driving, don’t know why, but when I have to do it I start slightly panicking. Yes, I know, I know, I’ll get over it at some point in this life.

    I remember when I went to the launch of a movie trailer, that included riding with a band of bikers. Damn, that was ahhmazing, that freedom feeling, the adrenaline, ahh!

    I also have a dear friend who wants to take her motorcycle driving licence and had a couple of classes, can’t wait to ride with her. She always sends me links with motorcycle jackets for women and all types of gear. Some pretty cool, some not that cool.

    So, when I came across BikeBandit and found some gorgeous motorcycle apparel I immediately shared them with her and  I made a selection for other enthusiasts and riders alike. I know some wear the gear, especially the jackets, without actually owning or riding a bike. I confess, the clothes are oozing coolness and give a certain type of confidence. Am I right?

    Ok and if you are actually rider it important to have the best gear, safety first. Yes, yes, safety first, fashion after.

    I selected three motorcycle jackets for women and two helmets, but go see the their entire selection on BikeBandit.


    1. Black Brand Women’s Enchantress Jacket
    2. Joe Rocket Women’s Heartbreaker 3.0 Jacket
    3. Black Brand Women’s Mantra Jacket
    4. Cyber US-39 Solid Motorcycle White Helmet
    5. Icon Airmada Sweet Dreams Helmet

    So, what do you think? Which one is your fav? I’m loving the pink unicorn helmet, a similar one for snowboarding would be just perfect, and the simple jacket, great for daily wear also.

    Are you a rider or an enthusiast?

    Cover:  Edita Vilkeviciute & Magdalena Frackowiak for W Magazine

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