• Preparing Your Jewellery for Auction

    If you’re planning to sell some of your jewellery at auction – maybe you’re making room for some more modern pieces or you recently received some antique pieces in an inheritance – then you need to do it right so you get the best prices possible.

    All about estate

    Estate simply means jewellery that’s been owned before. If jewellery is estate, then this can determine the price. Most often, pre-owned pieces won’t attract the same prices as new, but of course, not all vintage or pre-owned jewellery is the same. Some will sell for much, much more. This is what you need to find out.

    One of the factors in pricing estate jewellery is style. Some styles are timeless and classic, whereas others date very rapidly. If it’s out of style, then you’ll find it hard to get top dollar for it, so you can sell it for its intrinsic value (the going price for the gems and metals themselves). Antique jewellery, on the other hand, often commands good prices, but to be certain, you should take advice about jewellery auctions from rosss.com before you commit to selling.

    Condition matters

    The condition a piece is in also has a huge bearing on its price. If it’s broken, worn or damaged, people won’t pay much for it unless it’s really special and the rewards of repairing the piece outweigh the costs. Jewellery repair is a tricky business – bent or snapped items are often cheap to correct and repair, whereas some types of minor damage mean nothing can be done to restore it to its previous value.

    If the items are just plain worn-out, then you’re probably looking at intrinsic value only.

    Clean up your act

    Of course, jewellery looks best when it’s clean and sparkling. However, don’t just grab a bottle of brass cleaner and have at it, or you could do serious damage. Find out the right way to clean your pieces and what the right products are for the type of metal and gems. If you’re in doubt, let the professionals do it for you.

    Know your gems

    Everyone loves the gems, they make jewellery fun. Sometimes, however, the price of a piece is unaffected by its gems and sometimes 90% or more of the price is dictated by the stones. Natural rubies are much more valuable than synthetic, and poor-quality diamonds may fetch less than some amethysts. You need to find out about this, as well as knowing how to assess the condition of the gems. Some will re-polish nicely while others are rendered almost worthless by chips and gouges.

    How do you sell for the best price, then?

    With estate jewellery, it’s all about the compromise – you need to be prepared to wait for the right buyer if you really want the best price. If you just want to sell up and pocket the cash fast, then you may have to settle for less. You might have to talk to several potential buyers and have them inspect your pieces before finding the right deal. Going through an auction house is one of the safest and best ways to sell jewellery successfully, so have a chat with a few before deciding which one to go with.

  • How to Stay Fit and Healthy When Traveling the World

    We all want to travel and explore, however, doing so can be more trying than it’s let on online. The photos we take only show the very best of our travels – we will usually omit that time it rained or that maybe we’re feeling a little home sick – but the point of exploring the world is experiencing everything, even the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Of course, that one time you check in to a horrendous, bed-bug ridden hostel isn’t going to overshadow the rest of your stay in that one specific place, but ensuring you stay fit and healthy (both physically and mentally) when traveling the world is important. You could be sat, soaking up the sun in the Maldives, but there’s still the chance to be under the weather or depressed. Here’s how to best look after your well-being when exploring the world.

    Slow Down

    It’s easy to get caught up in your travels. After all, you have a list of countries you so desperately wish to see, and you wish to see them as quickly as possible. You should slow down, though, because those countries are still going to be there in a few weeks or months’ time. Therefore, take your time. Not only will you be able to notice the details of your surroundings, but you also won’t run yourself into the ground.

    Continue Exercising

    When you’re traveling, you may fall out of your usual exercise routine. Keeping on top of this, though, is important. Not only will it keep your weight in check while you try all the cuisines on offer, but it’ll help produce endorphins. Pack your running gear and run across the nearby beach or throughout the city streets. The world is your playground, so make use of it and ensure you explore further on foot. Also, if you’re worried about weight gain, then you can always turn to a natural metabolism booster.

    Know Your Needs

    If you know what depletes your mood or wreaks havoc on your body, then make sure you put these into consideration when you’re planning your trip. If you suffer from anxiety, then look for a hostel which is notorious for being friendly. If you suffer from SAD, then plan trips around the weather – go to Australia in the summer, etc. Visit your doctor beforehand and ask for them to provide you with enough medication while you’re away.

    Overcome Your Obstacles

    Traveling is your chance to throw caution into the wind and experience anything and everything – even if it frightens you. Of course, this does not mean undergo something you do not wish to, but it does mean realizing whether your fear is holding you back from experiencing something you really wish to experience. For example, if you want to go scuba diving but your friend doesn’t and you’re afraid to do it alone, make sure you go ahead and sign up! Face your fears: you’ll be far happier in the long-term.

  • How is Vaping Changing the World of Fashion?

    The days of wearing a suit and smoking a pipe or cigar aren’t completely out of the window just yet, but with the introduction of vapes in recent years, it might not be as far away as we all think. Of course, fashion and different outfit styles aren’t put together because of the color or style of e-cigs, but some experts believe it’s only a matter of time before men and women properly cater for their e-cigs. Ultimately, vapes are now changing the way people dress for a number of reasons and, sooner rather than later, the color or style of a vape could be the difference in wearing a blue or red suit.

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  • Lovely Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

    oming up with gift ideas is tough. It’s even harder when you consider having to find a treasure for your best friend. Before you start shopping, stop and think about your relationship. Consider what you’ve done together and why you’re so close.

    Avoid settling for the first idea that comes to your mind. Let it all sink in and give yourself time to weigh all the different possibilities. It’s a big decision that you want to get right the first time. Regardless of what you end up with, your best friend will be touched by the thought alone. See sentimental gift ideas for your best friend.

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  • 5 style tips from world-famous red carpets

    The roots of the red carpet stretch way back to Greek mythology, but it’s now become synonymous with celebrity glamour.

    So if you’re struggling for inspiration for an elegant evening dress for your own event here’s a star-studded highlight reel from the world’s top five red carpet events.

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