• Cum decurge o consultatie gratuita de piele la Kiehl’s?

    Ladies, nu stiu daca ati vazut pe facebook & instagram, dar saptamana trecuta am avut un concurs simpatic prin care am ales 5 cititoare awesome care sa mearga cu mine la aniversarea magazinului Kiehl’s din Baneasa Shopping City.

    Eu sunt mare fana Kiehl’s, am incercat produsele lor pentru prima oara acum doi ani in Roma unde mama a facut ravagii in magazin si si-a luat tot felul de creme si cremute. Cand s-au lansat la noi am fost tare bucuroasa, pe langa produsele super bune, toata partea de branding e ahhmazing. And again, you know I’m a sucker for pretty packages.

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  • Looking for new headphones?

    I have awesome ones to recommend you from Panasonic, their HF500 model

    If you read this blog for a while now, you know that I’m always listening to music. I can go out of the house without putting some music on. And yes, I do have earbuds, but any avid music lover will know that if you listen to music through earbuds, it will hurt like hell after a couple of hours. So, it’s always great to have regular headphones also, much more comfortable.

    These Panasonic HF500 came into my life in September and I’m totally in love with them. The quality of sound is amazing, they are super comfortable, pliable so you can carry them easy and stylish too. They are affordable too.

    You can listen to music, podcasts, audio books or whatever you want with them, at home, around town take them to the gym or even on vacation.

    I took them with me in Rome and used them with audio guides and my ears thanked me afterwards!

    What type of headphones do you use?

  • Experienta mea cu Nomasvello

    Era o vreme, acum vreo 2 – 3 ani, cand aveam mai mult timp la dispozitie si mult mai multa determinare, ca sa nu zic motivare, ca si acum sunt motivata dar nu ca atunci. Mergeam aproape in fiecare zi la sala, chiar si de mai multe ori pe zi, mergeam la masaj saptamanal, tratamente & alte cele. Ei bine, vremea aceia s-a cam dus, acum daca ajung de trei ori pe saptamana la sala, este bine. De masaj & tratamente, nici nu mai zic.

    Se cunoaste? Pai normal ca se cunoaste, cum sa nu se cunoasca.  Dar si acum incerc sa mai strecor cate un masaj pe ici pe colo, un tratament & co.

    Cei de la Nomasvello m-au invitat sa incerc doua dintre serviciile lor, nu m-am aruncat la epilare definitiva din varii si diverse motive, dar am incercat in schimb, un tratament de curatare faciala Pro Skin & unul anticelulitic LED + Esthetic.


    Dupa ce am intarziat vreo 20 de minute, I know, shame, shame, shame, voiam sa incerc doar una din proceduri ca sa nu incurc programul, lucky me, le-am incercat pe amandoua.

    Tratamente de curatare faciala am mai facut pana acum, dar din acela, manual, ca sa zic asa. Stiam intr-o oarecare masura la ce sa ma astept si chiar am fost intrebata inainte ce toleranta am la durere, din fericire pentru mine, foarte ridicata. Amalia de la Nomasvello a fost foarte simpatica, tot imi punea intrebari si ma tinea de vorba ca sa nu ma gandesc la durere. Nu mi s-a parut un procedeu dureros si nici invaziv. Intr-adevar, fata mea era destul de incarcata si a trebuit insistat pe anumite zone.  Am ramas putin rosie si puffy dupa, dar tenul este baby smooth si se simte excelent.

    Tratementul consta  utilizarea eficientă a ultrasunetelor si a energiei galvanice. Se aplica un ser fizioligic apoi cu un fel de mini spatula se deschid si curata porii, apoi cu aceasi spatula & cu ajutorul energiei galvanice se inchid porii si la sfarsit se aplica o lotiune cu vitamina c. Toata distractic dureaza vreo 20 de minute.

    Tratementul anticelulitic Led + Esthetic este floare la ureche, practic se aplica un gel si apoi stai sub un aparatel ce pulseaza lumina care face toata treaba. Nu simti aproape nimic, doar o senzatie de racoare de la gelul anticelulitic. Nu ai cum sa vezi mega rezultate dupa o singura sedinta dar pielea mi s-a parut putin mai ferma. Un tratament complet are 12 sesiuni, cu o frecventa de 2 saptamani & am inteles ca dupa o sa vezi rezultate bune, mai ales daca combini cu sport & o dieta corespunzatoare. I know, I know, pizza is life.

     De asemenea, una dintre ofertele speciale ale celor de la Nomasvello, doar in luna august este un discount de 55% la tratamente faciale: Curatarea faciala Proskin+ aplicare masca sau fiola (la alegere si in functie de tipul de ten). Mai multe detalii la ei pe Nomasvello.ro

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  • 3 ways to protect your posture


    If you’re not careful to look after your spine, you could end up in some serious pain. So, to make sure your back is in the best possible shape, here are three simple ways you can protect your posture.

    1. Adjust your sleeping position

    How you position yourself at night could be doing your back more harm than good. So if you’re keen to look after your spine health, it’s worth knowing how you should be lying in bed. Firstly, you should make sure you always sleep with a pillow placed underneath your head, and it should be thick enough to allow your head to rest in a neutral position. When snoozing, it helps if your stance maintains the natural curve of your lower back. For example, if you tend to sleep on your back, you could try placing a pillow under your knees, or if you prefer to rest on your side, positioning the pillow between your legs could help. Simply tweaking your sleep stance could protect your back and spine.

    If you struggle to adopt a different sleeping position, you could invest in a bed to help. Adjustable beds can be repositioned, allowing you to sleep more comfortably and helping you stick to a certain posture. For example, the models from bed specialist Adjustamatic can be manoeuvred to change the position of both the upper and lower body so that you can position them to suit you.

    2. Sit up properly

    Sitting up properly is key if you want to keep your posture in check. So whether you’re at your desk at the office or you’re lounging on the sofa at home, it’s extremely important that you make a conscious effort to position yourself in a way that won’t wreak havoc on your spine. At work, it can be easy to let your posture slip, especially if you’re sitting for long periods of time. By having a padded chair with lumbar support, you should be able to successfully protect your back from becoming sore and achey. You should also refrain from slouching or slumping into your chair and instead get into the habit of sitting up straight.

    3. Stand tall

    Making sure you stand tall is another way to protect your posture. Ideally, your whole body should be in alignment, with the natural curve of your spine, shoulders and neck being in line with your hips. To help you achieve the perfect posture, you could imagine that there is a piece of string attached to your head, pulling you up. It may also help you to keep your shoulders relaxed, your feet at approximately hip distance apart and pull your stomach in. Thinking tall and learning how to stand correctly could save you from a whole host of back-related problems further down the line.

    By putting these three tips into practice, you’ll find it easier to to keep your back and spine feeling great.