Professional? Of course it does 🙂
    On Friday I had the pleasure to hold a workshop on personal branding and online personas, more like how online personas help students and young professionals with their careers. Funny thing, I  always loved public speaking in college and even in highschool, but I’d never imagined I’d do that on another level. Though, I was more nervous than at my final paper presentation. Aaaand, this is what I wore.
    You never know how things will work out in the future, that’s the beauty.. or not, but I’m positive.
    If I would work in an office  that requires business attires, pencil skirts would be at the top of the preferences. They are awesome ladies, awesome.

    Nissa skirt // H&M shirt // New Look pumps

    Looks like I was sleeping 🙂


     No, there is no sex tape around! Stop it.
    Zara launched their online shop last week, and I got the chance to test their services a bit. I won’t tell you how awesome the site is, and the design, and very user friendly, because you can see that yourself, but how it took me about four days to make up my mind on what to order. Seriously, so many gorgeous pieces.
    Somehow, I restrained myself from buying only black pieces, though a dark tee slipped into my cart. I ended up buying a leathery powder nude pink skirt, which reminds me a lot of the ones Kim Kardashian is wearing lately. But hey, all is good, there’s a bit of Kim in everybody, hehehe… Actually wore it yesterday with a ivory satin blouse, peculiar no? Channeled my inner Kim, I’m telling you… Will take pictures next time, pinky promise. 
    The shoes? You know I love stripes, I couldn’t resist these black & white babies


    Happy Monday, darlings!

    Four drafts in dashboard and no time to finish them, yet, ha! But I did manage to kinda steal borrow this little cutie for an impromptu shoot last week. Though, we had a bigger photoshoot that day with Jojo , which I can’t wait to share with you, along with other stuff… Well, that might take time but bear with me.

    And a little happiness advice, live in the present! People who live in the present are generally happier!

    credit photo: Opal Studio

  • Metamorphosis part I

    I’m going to make your Monday better! How? Very simple, with the gorgeous new collection from Pixie Shoes, Metamorphosis part I. Yes, there will be a part II! * wink *
    I’ve worked on the photoshoot a couple of weeks ago along with Irina, our pretty model, and Opal Studio, so imagine I’m thrilled to finally share these with you.
    Emphasizing on delicate pastel shades and colorful details, Pixie Shoes brings us five pairs of must have pumps and brogues. I already made my wishlist!
    Also, how dreamy are the mint ones? Love, love, love!

    Yours truly after the shoot :)) 
    Tired but happy!