Promised you yesterday that today we’ll talk a bit  about demons, why demons you may wonder. Mostly because, we all have them, like we all have dreams and often, on subconscious level our demons appear when we dream. Mine certainly are, sneaky little bastards. 
    I’m not going to ask you if you dream, ’cause we all do, we dream in our sleep, we daydream or we simply have dreams. Whether we remember them or not, that’s another story.
    But have you wondered what your dreams and nightmares are all about? I’m a bit of a control freak with certain aspects of my life, so mine reflect chaos or situations that I can’t influence. It’s great to be able to know what and what not you can control or do, because you can easily let go.
    In  Howard Gardnerโ€™s  Theory of Multiple Intelligences, he described this self awareness as intrapersonal intelligence. Simply  having an understanding of yourself,  knowing who you are, what you can do, what you want to do, how you react to things, which things to avoid, and which things to gravitate toward. We are drawn to people who have a good understanding of themselves. They tend to know what they can and canโ€™t do, and to know where to go if they need help.
    I’m wearing an exquisite dress by Kiki Dumitrescu from her artwear line, quite dreamy, no?  Kiki, is  a powerful woman who conquered her demons and followed her dreams! More about her soon…
    photos by  Opal Studio

    I came upon an interesting pin the other week that illustrated the three grand essentials to happiness in life, which, according to the pin are:

    • something to do
    • something to love
    • something to hope for
    Personally, I do agree a lot, but I would add  another one… something to lose yourself in. Either great books, music, shoesssss, a city, a country or even another person. No, I’m not talking about that, stop it. 
    Lately, I’ve been losing myself in  Humans of New York by Brandon Straton from Books Express, the images and most important, the stories behind them are inspiring and quite spectacular. 
    And if you want to lose yourself in a city, try Bucharest next week during the third edition of  Special Night Out… Gotta go on the fashion road a bit too. Check out more about the event here.

    Be happy and have an amazing Sunday! 
    Tomorrow, a little chat about demons…

    A cliche question at any interview for a new job, or for dare devils, at a first date, but, what is your best asset? This is such a tricky one, because the answer can open or close doors in certain situations. In finance and accounting an asset is an entry in the balance sheet that includes properties, both tangible and intangible, and claims against others. We’re speaking about cash, stock, inventories, property rights, and goodwill. But you know I’m talking about that, so, darlings, what is your best asset? 
     It’s only fair to answer first… I’m not sure… Patience – hmm, not really… I’m not the most appropriate person either, hehehe, dirty jokes ftw. So yeah, let’s go with my incredible sense of humor and modesty. 
    The problem changes when we’re throwing the , let’s say, more superficial assets, a gorgeous smile, bright blue eyes, luscious locks, into the equation. Why? Because most people know these ones better, myself included… I won’t tell.. but you probably got that already. No, it isn’t my smile :))
    The fun part is that you can enhance these assets with  a great shade of lipstick, a fab mascara, perfect hair style, amazing pair of shoes ( have you seen those pumps? ) and the list goes on.

    Aaaand I’m rambling again…

    Think about it, what is your both asset? Both tangible & intangible…
    Murmur skirt 
    H&M tee
    Boรฎte des Merveilles book clutch  
    Zara necklace
    Ray-Ban sunglasses

    Credit photo: OPAL STUDIO

    ps: yeah, I’m in a pencil skirts obsession period ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great one! 

    moonstone pants

    Sometimes I have the impression that I’m living under a rock… Though I’m a little stalker, I’ve missed this amazing RO brand, until now that is! Ladies & gents,  I give you ATU BODY COUTURE. When I first saw their items and photos a couple of days ago, couldn’t believe they are a local brand, #sorryimnotsorry, simply spectacular and mesmerizing.

    The lines  are presented in the form of seasonal capsule collections with different styles and aesthetics, the current two, from which I selected a couple of shots, are Ballet Class and Queen Bee ( available soon ).
    The first one , with elements inspired by the contemporary dance culture, classical ballet has the charming austere elegance of Nordic design. On the other hand,  Queen Bee, is a return to the seductress in every woman, embodied by the beauty of yellow flowers which merge beautifully with the dresses…

    I urge you to check out their Botanica collection too, here, trust me, you won’t regret it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Aww, there’s part two also…