• OP: good vibrations in leather

    with my beautiful Koko

    Obviously, I’ve been m.i.a. the past week on the blog,  did a couple of fun stuff that I can’t wait to tell you. 
    Now, these over the knee babies are more comfortable than I expected, danced all night in them on Friday and was fairly ok afterwards. 
    Getting back on track, I promise * wink *
    …aww, ok, I know the title sounds kinda pervy…
    H&M top
    Nissa skirt
    And babes, don’t forget, life is too short for bad vibes.
    Credit photo: Opal Studio

  • Spring fairytale – Flowercraft

    No, I’m not talking about what’s going on outside, but of this gorgeous bouquet on which I had the occasion to work. Well, more with a couple of suggestions, handiwork wasn’t involved that much *wink*
    Your inner garden by Flowercraft is a beautiful project that I was happy to be part of alongside a couple of amazing ladies. We each had to create an arrangement with our favorite flowers.
    Spring Fairytale means a return to femininity with an assembly of colors and shapes made ​​by joining of peonies, hydrangeas, ranunculus and anemones. A land of exuberance and dreams that can turn into reality anytime.
    Nevertheless, it’s a fun, lovely and bright bouquet! Go check out Flowercraft asap.
    Credit photo: Opal Studio

  • David Gandy for Marks & Spencer

    Happy Friday, darlings!
    Today, a bit of eye candy to start the weekend early, yes, it involves a hot male supermodel. You’re welcome! 
    British supermodel, David Gandy is the star of the spring campaign for Marks & Spencer men’s collection and ambassador of London Collection. The campaign embodies a relaxed & effortless style, the men line features versatile & must have pieces in any guy’s wardrobe.
    Color is the main focus in all M&S brands,  layering prewashed tones in the North Coast collection , going for primary shades in Blue Harbour’s sport jackets and exquisite pastels in Collezione. 
    Ok, ok, enjoy….

    All the pieces are available in stores and online! 
  • Grab the floral trend

    Guess what, ladies? The floral trend is going strong yet another season. Floral prints aren’t loved by everyone, because of different associations but there’s such a big array of prints that look sophisticated, so it’s  impossible to not find one suited for you.  For example the dress above,  natural print and delicate fabric,  gorgeous right? 
    Now, you know me, print wise  it isn’t my favorite, my mind immediately slips to those cutesy floral pieces,  of the bunch but I love how it looks on others, still, I do have my personal favorites. Like this  amazing floral chiffon dress at Wendy Nichol for Fall ‘14 at NYFW, not quite summery but you get the point . It reminds me a bit of this dress I wore a couple years back, not your usual flower print dress.
    Well, floral prints are being updated constantly and used on practically everything, from the classic skater dresses, to body con pieces, jackets, pants, crop tops, accessories, aww, and lingerie *wink*. Going for accessories instead is a pretty good idea for me, especially if you want to make a statement. I’m fancying the Harpers bags from Fiorelli’s grab bag line, and they have it in a flower print also, here. Grab bags, what a funny name. Aww, there’s Flora grab too. 
    Then there are the flower print pants… which, let’s face it, are beautiful! Especially, if they are on slouchy side. Yes, I’m not talking about the skinny fit ones, those work on only certain body types and silhouettes. Zara had a fab selection, I’m sure that they’ll reinvent it.
    Here’s how I’d wear the floral trend, like I said going for accessories.
    TOPSHOP Formal Drape Front Blouse  & White High Court Shoes //  AE jeans // Fiorelli bag // Luxe Wing Crystal Earrings

    photos via 1 & 2
  • OP: I am my hair

    Finally decided to get a new haircut… These were taken the same day I had it cut, and after I had a little scare… need to get used to it…
    What’s the problem with short skirts? I’m asking some philosophical questions here… 
    I’m not making any sense, so I’d better stop… going to make a flower bouquet now!
     No, it won’t be black!