• 7 ways to enjoy winter more

    I’ve just come back from the gym and in the locker room everybody was talking about how much they hate winter, the cold weather being the main reason. It didn’t even start to snow, that’s when things get really dark, ha! Β During the conversation, I was looking the other way, ’cause I do not hate winter or maybe, I do not hate this winter, still, I sometimes happen to dislike the weather, but not hate it. I actually enjoy winter more than summer due to various reasons, number one being that I’m sweaty person and I don’t like to stay in the sun.

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  • Gift idea: Daniel Wellington watches + a discount code

    I think you already know about Daniel Wellington, I’ve already written about them about three times, so I won’t give you a big introduction.

    But, I want to tell you what a great gift idea it is and very cherished, at least, my friends and my family loved them. The first time I gifted a a Daniel Wellington watch was two years ago, to my friend Sinziana as a Christmas gift, then the next year, for another’s friend 30th birthday. Both of them wanted one and it was a lovely surprise. Nevertheless, the DW watches are classic and timeless, so they work well in every situation *wink, wink *.

    This year, I gifted one to my boyfriend and I’m planning to gift two as Christmas gifts, to my mom and to another friend that isn’t a big accessories fan, but I’m pretty sure she’ll love this one.

    So, yeah, Daniel Wellington watches make great gifts and if you want to get one for a dear one or maybe for yourself, use “fashioninmyeyesDW” to get 15% of your orders on danielwellington.com.




  • When you want to be bossy & cozy

    Everyday I scroll through my fb memories and see how much I changed over the years. I swear, I think fb is doing this intentionally ’cause sometimes I go through the rabbit hole and remember those days, think how everything was like I’m a senior citizen.

    Personally, I didn’t deal with all of them changes and me then vs now, but it’s ok, I will, eventually πŸ™‚

    On a more brighter note, I finally get to post these outfit pictures taken about a month ago, shame on me.

    What if I told you that I have two more outfits waiting to be posts… Yes, yes, very productive panda!Β 

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  • 16 dreamy wedding dresses for the bride, bridesmaid & guests

    I know the wedding season ended in Ro, but not everywhere! I’ve always thought that a winter wedding is a great idea, anything but a summer wedding is great idea. I do not know, but I have a little aversion with summer wedding, mainly because is extremely hot and I’m a sweaty person, ha!

    If you are thinking of getting married or you got proposed, proposed to your soulmate, you’re a bridesmaid or simply planning to attend a wedding in the future, I have a couple of dresses suggestions, from affordable bridesmaid dresses to celebrity inspired ones and so on, from Lunss.com

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