• Picking the Best Sunglasses for You

    The summer heat may be fast-disappearing, but there’s always the winter sun to look forward to, and what better excuse could there be for getting yourself a new pair of sunglasses? But where do you look? How much should you spend? Are designer specs the best? Here’s some tips on how to look cool while also protecting your eyes.

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  • 5 awesome fall bags

    Bags are my outmost weekness, I would bury myself in bags! Some women have obsessions with shoes, I have with bags. I love shoes also, but those pretty high heels are killing my feet, so they are not a good investement if you ask me. Bags, on the other hand, are perfect, comfy and they don’t give you pain, ha! Yes, I’m referencing heels right now, sneakers are good.

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  • 5 stylish fall outfits to try right now

    If someone is excited about fall, that’s definitely me! Fall is my fav season! Well, I do love spring and winter too, but I do prefer transitional seasons more than winter & summer. I kinda loathe summer as I don’t get along very well with scorching weather that we usually have here.  So yes, super excited here to start and wear my fall wardrobe. I even got a couple of new pieces, but about that, maybe in a future youtube video on my channel.

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  • Stylish Church Outfits For Women

    Currently my favorite summer skirt 🍒 #styleinspo

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    When it comes to going to church, most of us have difficulties with the choice of the outfit, as it must be simple and conservative, contrary to the modern woman’s desire to look stylish in any situation. However, nowadays this contradiction is not so significant – it’s not a big deal to find fashionable and pretty clothes, which not only keep up with the latest trends but can also coincide with the strict dress code.

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