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The best hair treatment I ever had

I had my fair share of hair treatments, but my hair is super soft & silky and always had it’s way in the end. Used so many products and I’ve seen results, but no instant ones, only after several uses.…


On the list: BaByliss Liss Brush 3D

already gotten a big chunk of this years Christmas gifts and already received mine or know what I will get. Buuut, yes, there’s always a but, I have my eye on a  straightening brush, because everything looks so simple with…


7 anti-aging tips & tricks

you watch my youtube videos you know that I have this obsession with my face “falling off”, due to certain factors. Though this is mainly a joke, I started to use anti aging products and certain foods at a young…


When you want to be bossy & cozy

Everyday I scroll through my fb memories and see how much I changed over the years. I swear, I think fb is doing this intentionally ’cause sometimes I go through the rabbit hole and remember those days, think how everything…


What happens at antique auctions?

For most of us, the only glimpse we’ve had at an auction is via day-time TV shows, but auctions are making a significant comeback and are an ideal place to find jewellery, furniture and other vintage items. From antique auctions…