Planning The Most Fashionable Wedding


Plan In Advance For More Freedom

When you’re putting a wedding together at the last minute, your options quickly become limited. You end up with vendors you might not be satisfied with, and you usually have to pay more due to the time issue. Whereas, if you start planning, obtaining vendors, and putting things into action a year in advance, you can get your best choice at the best price.

You might create a binder, or a portfolio, with sections dividing up how you’ll organize the event. There are going to be sections regarding decoration, theme, guests, vendors, vows, locations, officiants, honeymoon considerations, and the often forgotten post-wedding to do list. You might want to use photos for better visuals.

Certainly you can do all this online, but sometimes it’s good to flip through pages of pictures, to-do lists, fabric swatches, invitation patterns, and the like. Your physical perception of these details can often be clearer than a digital representation.

As a bonus, after your wedding, you’ll have an already-made album where you can put important photos and memories as a pass-down keepsake you can give to your kids or other loved ones. 

Stylistic Considerations

Now you’ll need to put serious thought into the kinds of things you choose to “style” your wedding. Are you going with a cutting-edge trendy motif, or are you trying to capture something of a classical angle? One thing that will be most definitive no matter what you choose will be the wardrobe of the bride and bridesmaids.

Additionally, your wardrobe may be in some degree dependent on where you choose to have your wedding. Certainly you can have a long-trained gown on a beach, but the collateral issues may make the proposition less desirable in practice than in conception. It would be better to have a dress without a train for a beach wedding; and the same may go for bridesmaids.

You can check out some fine mini dresses here:, and there are options appropriate for multiple themes since short bridesmaid dresses are all the rage for summer and spring weddings.


Something else that has become very fashionable today is cosmetic surgery. Body modification is a newly avant-garde feature of popular culture today. Beyond that, there are some excellent aesthetically transformative options out there which are known to leave those who’ve undergone the procedure feeling more than satisfied. Getting a tummy tuck Las Vegas by Dr. Julio Garcia, MD could be one of those transformations.

Plan Ahead And Go Big

If you are going to do something like that before your wedding, wouldn’t it be better to hold the ceremony after you’ve fully healed? This is yet another reason why it makes sense to plan as far in advance as you possibly can for your wedding.

You want to enjoy your wedding. If you can get all the stressful things taken care of before the ceremony, you can be in the moment during that day, and enjoy it in its entirety. But don’t be afraid to go a little overboard, if you can manage it. Weddings are made for that kind of thing!