5 Reasons Vintage Bags are In This Season

A change in seasons often means a change in wardrobe. Not only do you switch-up your clothing and shoes but one handbag may go into storage while another gets the spotlight. Maybe you’ll even sell a couple handbags and buy others that are new to you.

Vintage-inspired styles were a hit on the Fall/Winter runways and vintage handbags are all the rage this season. If you’ve been toying with the idea of rocking some classic designer styles, now is the perfect time. Their selling points run from the esthetic to the ethical.

They are timeless.

A classic vintage bag stands the test of time and you will never look out of place carrying it. Even if you used it a few seasons ago, it will be still appropriate this year. Each vintage piece tells a story about the era in which it was created and you can go about your day knowing you are carrying a piece of history.

They set you apart.

While everyone else is toting around the latest styles, you’ll be turning heads for a different reason. Very few people, if anyone at all, will be carrying your bag. For example, a pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag will show you know a thing or two about vintage style. Don’t be surprised when everyone asks where you got your “new” bag. You can even scale down the rest of your outfit and let the bag shine on its own.

They are good quality.

Are consumer goods even made to last these days? With a vintage bag, you know you have product that will stand up to frequent use. Handbags of the past were made with a level of craftsmanship that is rarely found today.  This is visible from the straps to the lining and hardware. Once well taken care of, they can serve you for a very long time. This high quality will lift the profile of your entire outfit.

They can be more affordable.

There is no reason to shell out big bucks to add some new bags to your Fall collection. One of the reasons vintage items are popular is the price so you can jazz up your style even if you’re on a budget. A vintage designer bag that’s in excellent condition can cost you much less than a modern, trendy satchel. If you’re lucky, it may even increase in value over time! That’s a win-win situation.

They can help the environment.

A lot of raw materials and chemicals go into the making of a new handbag. Buying one which already exists helps to reduce the demand for resources and potentially harmful substances. Also, while fast fashion pieces will be quickly thrown away, classics which last well beyond one season. This can help to reduce waste and pollution which in turn creates a more sustainable earth for us all. Why waste an opportunity to be both stylish and eco-friendly?

If it’s not already clear, there are several advantages to be gained from rocking a vintage handbag this fall. Not only will you be looking fabulous, but you may also save some money while making the earth more green.