Morning skincare routine | Fall 2017

I finally filmed my skincare routine, the morning version that is, and thought that a little english version is in order. No, I don’t know how to add subtitles, yet!

I have dry sensitive skin that doesn’t play nice with certain products, so I’m super careful with what I put on my face in general. This is not my exact routine of every day, as it highly depends of what I feel that my skin needs that particular morning, but this is the extended version.

rutina de ingrijire a tenului

I start with my absolute favorite collagen serum from Collistar, Attivi Puri, then proceed to apply a Vitamin C 23% Suspension cream from The Ordinary mixed with their Natural Moisturiser. The Vitamin C cream is a tad tingling on the face so I mix it with lotion or apply it on wet skin. You’ll see your skin change immediately after the Vitamin C cream, it’s ahhmazing!
To further hydrate my skin I use a water based serum from Galenic, Aqua Infini, and I lock everything with Benefit’s Total Moisture cream which is super moisturising. Finnish of everything with a SPF cream, Dream Screen from Benefit.

That’s about it!  The Ro video version?  See below 🙂