Get Outdoors Before The Weather Turns Chilly

Despite the turning of the leaves, there are still plenty of opportunities to get out and explore before the weather turns cold. Here’s how you can maximize this great fall moment – and, of course, look great doing it.

Pack Smart

A weekend adventure could be just the ticket for curbing the blues as summer vacation season winds down. Packing for a weekend trip is easy when you remember this simple rule: always pack a little more than you need, but not too much more. If you’re a heavy packer, it can be tough to narrow down to just a few necessities.

Think about the activities you’re planning on doing, too. Are you spending a weekend by the water, or are you dreaming of hiking trails? High-quality outdoor footwear can help you conquer any activity. Their versatility and style means that you’ll be able to save space in your suitcase without sacrificing the epitome of fall fashion.

Take Advantage of Nearby Trails

Chances are, if you’re an experienced hiker, you’ve seen more than your fair share of winding trails and steep peaks. But if rough weather is approaching, take advantage of trails located nearby that can give you the thrill you’re seeking without the need to travel farther afield. Make sure to take the right boots with you for your trip. The right pair will have the grip and waterproof exterior you need – and look great in case you need to pop into town for a drink with friends. Consider buying your boots online at the Aigle Store, where they’ve been handcrafting boots the same way since 1853. The brand’s expert rubber craftsmen know that when you need protection from the elements, quality matters. Visit and browse the trendy options — like the Parcours, a design that revolutionized the concept of hunting boots by combining the comfort of a hiking boot with outstanding foot support. Aigle boots today are fueled by the brand’s rich legacy and continue to make combining comfort and fashion easy.

Take The Kids Along

Any child, no matter how old they are, understandably starts feeling a little restless as the first weeks of school roll by. Now is the opportunity to get everyone outside before the weather gets too cold. To keep their feet dry as they stomp through all manner of muck, there is no better choice than the classic Aigle sailing boot. This is a vital children’s boot to have on hand so that your wee ones can safely trudge through puddles and trails. Some children’s boots will also have a fur lining so they can keep playing outside through winter’s first chill.

Keep Your Garden In Mind

Fall is the perfect time to tend to a garden – cutting away old growth, preparing the soil for next season, and planting the flowers and bushes that will survive the winter. If you’ve been working on your garden all summer, working on it through the early months of fall is a great way to get some valuable time outdoors. Keep your gardening boots by the door as a reminder. High-quality outdoor footwear lets you look stylish regardless of the size of your garden. The right boots should be easy to pull on and stand up to hours of weeding, digging, and planting.

Whatever your excuse, get out and enjoy the final weeks before the cool weather kicks in. From outdoor romps with the kids, to hiking with the whole family, to putting the final pre-winter preparations on the garden, there is plenty to do and see — if you have the right gear.