Stylish Church Outfits For Women

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When it comes to going to church, most of us have difficulties with the choice of the outfit, as it must be simple and conservative, contrary to the modern woman’s desire to look stylish in any situation. However, nowadays this contradiction is not so significant – it’s not a big deal to find fashionable and pretty clothes, which not only keep up with the latest trends but can also coincide with the strict dress code.

If you’re still sure that any church outfit is something completely boring and trivial, maybe these fresh and stylish ideas for both festive and casual modest images will change your mind.

Simple Casual Outfits for Church like here

If you don’t want to stand out and turn heads during the Sunday service (and, actually, you shouldn’t), a simple casual style with notes of elegance is exactly what you need. One of its benefits is a comfort that also is an issue of great importance.

Choose knee-length dresses in muted colors, completing them with a short denim jacket or a pretty coat. Or try a plaid pink shirt with a high-waisted flared skirt with a floral pattern to match.

As for the footwear, you’re absolutely free to pick out: from high heels to flats, from sneakers to sandals – it’s just everything goes.

Maxi-Length Fashion Ideas

There is no doubt that maxi dress or skirt is the first thing people consider as the most appropriate piece of clothing for church. It hides everything that shouldn’t be shown – “Yes, it’s perfect for this occasion, but so dull” – you may say. However, not exactly!

A straight maxi skirt without any twists will look like a million dollars with a contrasting bizarre blouse. You can also use jewelry or apt accessories to spice up the image.


Church Style for Special Occasions

For big days like Easter, try to dress up: choose feminine free-flowing silhouettes, girly styles, pastel colors, floral prints, lace, bows, volumetric ruffles, showing the feminine side of a woman. Take care of your shoes as well – wear heels only if they’re comfy and not too glamorous, avoid sports footwear and flip-flops, give priority to blush, ivory, and cream shades. Romantic hair accessories in style would be helpful as well.


Elegant Church Outfits in White

Select your church outfit according to the weather: when it’s hot outside, breezy, light and natural fabrics are a very good idea. Cotton, linen, mesh cloth will prevent you from getting distracted during a worship by heat and discomfort. The color also plays an important role, and here the white is second to none – it’s a definite must-have for summer.

It can be a usual calf length dress or a combination of a cute white blouse with transparent sleeves and a midi skirt of a different color.

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Pretty Church Looks for Black-Lovers

As opposed to white, black is often associated with colder seasons, such as autumn or even winter. Besides, it’s a way more practical and versatile, it suits almost everyone, it’s elegant, slimming, classy, and stylish.

Totally black outfits lovers can rejoice: this color is believed to be the most modest as well. If you’re not on that team, put on a colorful skirt with flowers and a delicate necklace to dilute the darkness.

Also, for chilly weather, various coats, jackets, and hats come in handy – they usually become the creativity’s playground, too.

And what kind of clothes do you usually wear to a Sunday service? Do you keep up with the fashion, or try to look as church-appropriate as possible? Feel free to share any ideas you’ve got.