5 awesome fall bags

Bags are my outmost weekness, I would bury myself in bags! Some women have obsessions with shoes, I have with bags. I love shoes also, but those pretty high heels are killing my feet, so they are not a good investement if you ask me. Bags, on the other hand, are perfect, comfy and they don’t give you pain, ha! Yes, I’m referencing heels right now, sneakers are good.

So, to get in a bit of a shopping bag mood, here 5 awesome fall bags with awesome fall outfits.  I plan to invest in a designer bag in the near future, hopefully by the end of the year. I just need to do a little budgeting to be certain about some things.

Also, in my opinion, investing in a designer bag isn’t all about money, but about the psychological ability to spend that money on a bag. I’m working on the latter part. For designer women handbags I sometimes check out AreaTrend too.

fall bag kate spade

Starting with a basic work bag in rich fall color, this one is from Kate Spate and it’s quite an awesome bag, if you ask me. Love the classic lines and way it is paired in the outfit.

fall outfits and bags

One of my absolute favorite bags is and will alway be, maybe yes, maybe no, the Givenchy Antigona bag. It is a stunning bag perfect for a busy bee like me.

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I’m in a bit of love hate relantionship with the Gucci Marmont bags, sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t. But in this combo here, I think it looks great.

fall tote bag

A simple tote bag in a neutral fall color is a must. They are practical, perfect work days and super versatile. I ordered myself 3 totes bags for this fall. Waiting for them to arrive.

fall bag2

Another medium black bag, but this one a bit more casual. I think this one is from Rebecca Minkoff. It also can be worn in a combo with a tote bag for the days when you have to carry a lot of stuff around. You know, like your laptop and your whole life, ha! I do that a lot lately…