Lovely Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

oming up with gift ideas is tough. It’s even harder when you consider having to find a treasure for your best friend. Before you start shopping, stop and think about your relationship. Consider what you’ve done together and why you’re so close.

Avoid settling for the first idea that comes to your mind. Let it all sink in and give yourself time to weigh all the different possibilities. It’s a big decision that you want to get right the first time. Regardless of what you end up with, your best friend will be touched by the thought alone. See sentimental gift ideas for your best friend.


You can’t go wrong with jewellery. Every woman loves a new piece of bling for her ears, neck or wrist. Contemplate what type of jewellery you think your friend will like best based on what she currently wears. Start narrowing it down by style and colour. After you’ve selected the perfect piece, consider getting it engraved, if it isn’t already, with best friend sayings or a date or adventure that’s unique to you two. She’ll love how much time and effort you put behind the gift.


There’s no better way to say you appreciate someone than through pictures. Design a free photo collage online with the click of a few buttons. Personalise it and tell a story with a theme and photos that are special to you. Pictures have a way of tugging at the heartstrings and even more so when they’re all collected together in one display. You’ll have a great time finding the pictures and getting them uploaded the way you want them. It’ll bring back lots of memories and you’ll be creating one for her that’ll last a lifetime. 


You don’t have to be an artist to create art. Draw or paint a picture for her home or carve a wooden letter of her name to hang on the wall. Create an artsy gift that she’ll want to display in her home and enjoy each day. Design a picture from a special memory you two shared together or knit her a pair of mittens for winter. Go online and search for crafty ideas with tutorials to make it easier on yourself.


Find a creative way to communicate some of your past favourite memories. For example, write them on a deck of playing cards or on pieces of paper stored in a beautiful box. The idea is to write down as many of your cherished memories as possible and present them to her in a unique fashion.


Make her an ornament to hang on her tree during the holidays. An ornament lasts forever and she’ll think of you each year when she pulls it out of storage. Design it based on an inside joke between you both or a favourite place you travelled.


Finding gifts is a difficult task no matter what the occasion. Throw a best friend into the mix and it’s an even harder job. These are a few sentimental gift ideas for your best friend.