Exciting Travel Ideas

When it comes to planning your annual holiday, or maybe you are fortunate enough to be able to spend as much time as you like travelling, there are many different options available that make it near impossible when making a final decision. It could be a once in a lifetime opportunity or the last break that you will have for some time, so you want to make sure that it is the perfect trip.

If you like to do something a bit different with your holidays than lying in the sun on a beach for a few weeks, then you might get some inspiration from these exciting travel ideas:

Tour of Italy – What a stunning country Italy is, and it is so diverse from one region to another. Take in the history of Rome one day and be relaxing on a beach the next; the variety available is huge. Go shopping in Milan and visit the beautiful lemon groves in Sorrento. The Amalfi Coast is spectacular with amazing views from the clifftops, or venture down into the small villages that are dotted along the coastline. Getting around most of Italy is easy with great train links in many places. Alternatively, you can hire a car, making your travels more fluid and relaxing. Not passed your driving test yet? Click here for some useful mock theory tests that will help you to prepare.

Western Coast of United States – Always wondered what Hollywood is like? If you haven’t visited California yet, then it is one of those places that should be on the bucket list. Visit the places where famous TV shows and films were created or hang out in a bar frequented by the stars. Take in the whole of the west coast to make it a holiday you remember forever. San Francisco and LA offer two completely different travel experiences. You can get the slow train or hire a car for your trip.

Eastern Coast of Australia – One of the most popular routes for travelers is the east coast of Australia, taking in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cairns, The Gold Coast, The Whitsundays… there are too many fantastic destinations to list! Try diving in the ultimate location at the Great Barrier Reef or take a day trip to Fraser Island to see a completely different insight of Australia. Many travelers use the Greyhound bus service to get from each destination to the next but hiring a car is also a good option and will make it a lot easier for transporting your luggage. Austrailia is the country for backpackers, meaning transport you can sleep in is more than ideal.

Wherever you choose to go for your next trip, make sure that it is full of unforgettable experiences. Think about places you’ve always dreamt of seeing and cultures that you would love to experience for yourself. Plan day trips and activities as early as you can to avoid disappointment because if you miss out on something, you may never get the chance to do it again. A bit of organization will ensure that your travel itinerary is packed with excitement and lots of variety.