Move or improve?

I came across this infographic from Slater & Gordon Solicitors and I thought I could share with you, I know it’s a DailyDreamDecor thingy, but lately I’ve been looking at so many apartments and crunching numbers.

As the infographic tackles the move or improve issue, it reveals that many people prefer to improve rather than to move to a new home, which I understand. Still, I remember when my home when through a renovation, a short one for that matter, one of the worst two weeks ever. Yes, I was still living here. I was stressed and anxious all the time, couldn’t get a good night’s sleep, it was horrible. Though, I can’t imagine the stress of moving houses either, as I don’t even like to clear my closet when the season change, but go through everything, pack and move, unpack & put them all back.

I think the best solution, at least for me, is to not be there, when a renovation happens, you know, two weeks of vacation and when you come back home, everything is done, cleaning included! All good, no? Yes, I know that I’m dreaming and you need to be there when major changes happen to your home. Ohh well, a girl can dream.

Check out the infographic.

Move-or-improve-infographic-v1 (1)