Five Interesting 2017 Swimwear Trends

With summer nearly upon us, our thoughts naturally turn to beach holidays. As soon as the sun emerges most of us love chilling next to the sea, soaking up the warmth, and getting a nice tan. Naturally swimwear sales soar as we all rush out to buy a new bikini or one-piece.

There are some really great one-pieces, bikinis and beachwear to choose from, as you will see if you click here. Most retailers have worked hard to make sure that they cater for all sizes, ages and body types. However, despite this there are still some dominant trends emerging.

New bikini cuts

This year the bikini has got a bit of a makeover. You can still buy the stringy variety if you want, but if you are looking for something that offers a bit more coverage you are in luck.

Many of the clever design ideas that designers have used to flatter the curvier figure have gone mainstream. This year, bikinis offer more support, and come in a wide range of cuts.

It is easy to find under wired bikini tops, and bandeau tops are widely available. Matching shorts and skorts are also widely available. So, if you fancy the idea of a bikini, but have never had the confidence to wear one this could be the year to go shopping for one.

Mix and match

In the past, if you wore a bikini the colour and styling of the top and bottom would have matched. For 2017, this has been turned on its head. The new trend is to buy these separately and to mix and match styles.

New style beachwear

Most of us like to have something light to put on if the wind gets up, or the sun feels to hot on our skin. In the past, that would have meant packing a sarong. Of course, these are still widely available, but, for 2017, designers are offering us a new option in the form of duster coats.

These are made from lightweight material, so can be rolled up tight to fit in your case and beach bag. Because they are made from manmade fibres they do not crease easily. The fact that they can also be worn as an alternative to a jacket in the evenings makes them a good choice for most holidaymakers.

The one-piece is back

Most retailers have decided to capitalise on the popularity of the tankini, by providing their customers with a better choice of modest swimwear. As a result, there are more one-piece swimming costumes available.

Embellished swimwear

The last trend I am going to mention is one that is yet to hit the High Street, but is very likely to do so before the end of the season. A lot of the designers who showed at the Miami Swim Week embellished their swimming costumes in some way. Many also sent their models out onto the catwalk wearing ornate necklaces. It looks like a style that women will enjoy emulating, so you can expect to see more beach jewellery and tasselled swimwear hitting the shops later this summer.