A day in Liverpool

First and foremost, I’m super excited that in May I’ll be spending a couple of days in England, in London to be more specific. It’s my first time here as a visiting trip, not a business one, as I’ve traveled to London twice until now, but only with work.

So, what’s with the Liverpool title? After this trip to London, I’ll book other locations in England and the guys over at Liverpool 1 challenge me to do a list of what I’d do in Liverpool for a day regarding shopping and eating. Well, hello! Two of my fav activities.


Will start the day with at Bold Street Cofee, hopefully with Venezuelan eggs which consist in  two fried eggs on toast with sliced avocado, grated 100% cacao from Venezuela & hot pepper sauce, yumm! And of course, a cup of cappuccino.

Then, I’d head by foot to Liverpool 1 to do some shopping as the centre is in walking distance from the cafe. I’ll probably want to buy a pair of sneakers as every time I travel a new city, I buy me a par of sneakers. So for that, I’ll check out Nike, Topshop and probably adidas also. Then,  it’s Urban Outfitters time as I we don’t have it here and I always love their online goods selection, especially the home area. Of course, wouldn’t miss Coast, Reiss and Alll Saints either.  A little visit to John Lewis also, to check out the beauty goodies and after I’ll grab a bite at Jamie’s Italian, because you know, it’s a must. Big fan of Jamie Oliver here!

Will end the day with drinks at  Constellations bar, as I love, love, the design!


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