Who is the absolute you?

I’m gonna start this article by stating that I went through many stages in my life until now. What do I mean? All the type of stages, what I wanted to do with my life, I wanted to be a landscaper, a lawyer, a prosecutor, a physicist ( this is the one I kinda regret ); how I was perceived by other persons, the silly one, the emo girl, the fat kid, the funny one, the rich girl ( which is so not the case ), the arrogant one ( mainly because I’m socially awkward ) and so on.

In middle school, I was a short haired tom boy, in high school I was a short haired girl who happened to wear a lot of black, listened to a type of music she refused to admit it’s emo, got good grades, got bullied because of her weight, got in fights  ( guess why? ) and at some point discovered fashion, started to wear colors and heels but that’s all. In college, I was the one that rarely missed classes but never took enough notes,  sometimes funny and sometimes full of bad jokes, arrogant / socially awkward  and because I was working and spending my money on things I like , some people assumed that I have rich parents that showered me with money & gifts, ha!

absolute me

I never pretended to be something I wasn’t, that’s what kept me sane most of the time and never let what other think about me to define me as a person, I strongly encourage you to do the same.  The Absolute Me changes with time but is build on some personal beliefs that aren’t going anywhere.


Who is the absolute me right now? A traveler, weirdo, a big foodie, a lover, a sport enthusiast, a positive person that sometimes is blue, slightly paranoid, I wanna say hard working person too, who sometimes thinks she doesn’t do enough and last but not least, a dreamer.

B.U. invited me to share the absolute me with you ladies and I invite you to do the same and share the absolute you & your story. There’s a special site you can check out and win some sweet prizes, until I’ll tell you more about that, see it  here.


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