When you want to be bossy & cozy

Everyday I scroll through my fb memories and see how much I changed over the years. I swear, I think fb is doing this intentionally ’cause sometimes I go through the rabbit hole and remember those days, think how everything was like I’m a senior citizen.

Personally, I didn’t deal with all of them changes and me then vs now, but it’s ok, I will, eventually 🙂

On a more brighter note, I finally get to post these outfit pictures taken about a month ago, shame on me.

What if I told you that I have two more outfits waiting to be posts… Yes, yes, very productive panda! 

I’m wearing a super cozy Lanidor knitted cardigan in a beautiful shade of navy, which was kinda hard to pick in store  because their knits are just dreamy. I’d wear it daily ’cause it keeps me warm and cozy. Ahh, now I’m imagining myself in bed with a big mug of tea, one of my new books ( book haul, anyone? ) and wearing this knitted number. I’ve first discovered their products when I was going through the list of new retailers coming to Romania and then I got the invited to the launch and apart from their clothing line, their accessories are super cute also, especially the shoes. You gotta pay them a visit in Park Lake if you’re from Bucharest.

Paired with one of my favorite YVY Bags, a bucket one with a type of leather texture called “elephant”, you can check it out here. When Sorina told me, I was like: Really? Elephant texture? Well, I’ve learned something new. I’ve fallen in love with this bag from the moment I saw it in the fabric being made on my “trips” to YVY. Woa, that’s a beautiful bag, the color is a rich dark brown with luxe golden accessories. Yes, sign me in!

Aaaand the new collection is simply delicious! I’ve also seen a couple of spring prototypes, gorgeous!

Aww, the title, didn’t say anything about the title of the outfit. That’s right, because the outfit is bossy and cozy in the same time. Cozy due to the comfy sneakers and knitted cardigan, bossy because of the cardigan + crisp office shirt + pearl necklace, the bag goes both ways.

You can change any outfit by simply adding a pearl necklace, really, it goes up a notch on the “classy rank”. My pearl necklace is from Happiness boutique, they have lots of cute accessories, from necklaces to earrings, bracelets and rings.

That’s all for today, hope you like the new blog theme, got bored of the old one. I get bored easily of certain things, not be my relationships anymore, ha! I thought that was a good joke.

Aww and sneakers are from New Balance, jeans from Zara & shirt from H&M.

When you want to be bossy & cozy

Processed with VSCOWhen you want to be bossy & cozy with hb1 preset When you want to be bossy & cozy When you want to be bossy & cozy When you want to be bossy & cozy


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