Light Packing Tips for Winter Travelers

Traveling during the winter is often much different from a summer trip. Although you can find some areas of the world which are lucky to have all-round sunshine and warm temperatures, many places that you may visit during the winter are likely to be cold, making it much more difficult to pack lightly.

However, if anybody can squeeze their winter coat, five pairs of jeans, their Christmas jumper, a scarf and three pairs of woolen socks into a small hand luggage case, it’s the budget-savvy traveler. So, if you’re hoping to save money on your luggage this winter but don’t want to compromise on warm clothes, we’ve put together some of our best tips for light winter packing.

Roll, Don’t Fold

Folding your luggage may be the conventional way to pack a suitcase, but budget-savvy travelers know that rolling your clothing is always the best way to do things. Even if you’re taking bulky clothing along with you, rolling it rather than folding it will help to save space and make it easier for you to fit more items of clothing in your case. If you’re traveling to an area such as Iceland and planning to visit hot springs or thermal baths this winter, don’t forget to pack the seemingly summer essential bikini or swimsuit – see Swimsuits Direct for some great options.

Wear It

One of the best ways to save space in your case when flying is to wear the heaviest and bulkiest of your clothes. Even though chances are you’ll be far too warm once you get on the flight, once you’re in your seat you’ll be able to take your coat off and put it under your seat or in the overhead locker. Wearing heavy clothes such as jumpers and a coat will not only make sure that you’re warm when you land at your destination, but it’ll also help to free up space in your case for other, lighter items.


If you’re worried about the amount of clothing that you’re going to have to take or don’t want to bulk out your case with big woolen jumpers, it’s a good idea to think about taking thermal underwear. A thermal vest and leggings are the best thing to wear underneath your clothing whilst on a winter trip as the base layer of wool next to your skin will help to keep you warm and toasty even in the coldest of conditions, without having to bulk up with numerous thick layers on top.

Shoes and Accessories

When it comes to footwear, traveling in the winter is much more difficult as unlike the summer months, you can’t just throw a bunch of sandals into your suitcase where they’ll take up barely any space. Winter shoes tend to be far bulkier, and if you’re visiting a destination where you expect temperatures to be low, you’re going to want to take your warmest boots and other sturdy shoes that will be comfortable to walk in whilst keeping your feet nice and warm. Rather than struggling to fit all your winter shoes into your case, the best thing to do when traveling light this winter is simply take along one pair of warm boots that you’ll be able to wear with every outfit, and perhaps one other pair of shoes for nights out or other purposes if needed.

Read the Rules

One of the biggest mistakes that many travelers make when it comes to their luggage is assuming that the airline they are flying with will be the same as the last one when it comes to bag sizes, weight and number. Whilst some airlines will only allow you to take one small hand case with you in the cabin, others allow for a small personal bag, such as a handbag, rucksack or laptop bag alongside your regular cabin case. If possible, opting for an airline which gives you the option of this extra bag free of charge will provide you with a little more space in which to fit various items such as electronic devices, accessories, and cosmetics.


Last but not least, traveling in winter often means that you have to take along just as many liquid items as you would when traveling in the summer. Although you may not need to ensure that you have sunscreen or after-sun readily available, traveling in the winter can often lead to dry skin and chapped lips, so it’s essential for travelers to have a good moisturizing cream and lip balm to hand. Be sure to only pack liquids that meet the size requirements for travel.

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