COOKING | Light spring rolls & Asian Chicken

A  week or so ago,  I met up with my lovely Sinziana from ProjectFairytale, known as Somacul also, and assisted her in cooking two delicious and super easy meals: Light spring rolls & Asian chicken.

Why do I say light spring rolls? Because there are not deep fried like most of the spring rolls around here and are more yummy too. You practically trow a bunch of chopped vegetables in a rice sheet and that’s that.


We used red beet, carrots, bell peppers, red peppers, fresh onions, a mango & mint, ohh and if you add go for hot peppers also. The star was actually the soy peanut butter dip which is beyond words. This comes from a person which is not such a big fan of peanut butter. Don’t hate!  The entire recipe is on Sinziana’s blog here.


The Asian chicken was a lovely surprise for me also, as it tastes like one of my fav dishes, chicken Tikka Masala. Again, super easy to make, you just need almond milk ( or coconut milk ), cooking cream, chicken breast, cajun, onions, turmeric & ginger. And you practically mix them together also. The full recipe will be live on S’s blog also. But you can watch the  steps in the video bellow.

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2 thoughts on “COOKING | Light spring rolls & Asian Chicken

  • Oana December 7, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    Cele neprajite se numesc de fapt summer rolls.

    • Denisa December 8, 2016 at 8:47 am

      Good to know <3

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