7 anti-aging tips & tricks

If you watch my youtube videos you know that I have this obsession with my face “falling off”, due to certain factors. Though this is mainly a joke, I started to use anti aging products and certain foods at a young age.

Both my mom and dad have a great skin and look younger than their age, so, finger crossed, hopefully I got some of their genes. I know there’s a big social pressure for women and sometimes men to look young,  I personally don’t agree with some of the extreme measures some people go to look according to the “media & co”, but again, everybody is free to do what they want with their own body. This said, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to care of your skin, which I advocate strongly.

I’ve recently started to reduce the intake of dairy, which is kinda hard as I’m a big fan of everything that contains milk, but I’m getting there. Why did I due it? Because of some health issues and to help my skin look better. I didn’t give it all up and in three weeks my skin looks better. I’ve seen some improvement, hopefully isn’t placebo, ha!

So, there are many ways to improve the way your skin looks, from products to certain aliments & more.


I gathered 5 tips and tricks that I follow & intend to follow in the future:

  1.  Sunscreen any time, every time! No matter the season, you should always wear sunscreen. If you don’t have foundation with SPF, or other products that have sunscreen you can purchase a lotion especially for that. All my foundations and daily moisturisers have SPF.
  2. Try using creams with vitamin C. Retinol, Vitamin A, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme q10 too. Vitamin C can raise collagen production and protect your skin of sun burns and dark spots. I have my eye on a ferulic acid serum from TimellessHa, with 20% vitamin c + e ferulic acid.
  3. Drink water throughout the day. I can’t even stress how important is your water intake, not only for your skin, but in general.  Another trick is to carry a water bottle everywhere with you and set some alarms to remind you to drink it. You can add mint, fruits and so on to make it more interesting. If you can’t drink so much water, especially in colder season, go for unsweetened cups of tea. I usually drink two big tea cups a day, sometimes three, depending on how busy is my day.
  4. Avoid, as much as possible, white sugar as it weakens the collagen in your skin.
  5.  Super foods all the way! If don’t already try to include super foods in your diet. What are super foods? They are foods full in nutrients that will aid you in many ways. For anti aging go for walnuts, blueberries, salmon, spinach, avocado, leafy greens, pomegranate & more.
  6. Use products suitable for your age and skin. Even though, I use many anti aging products, I go for age “appropriate” ones too + for my skin type ( dry + sensitive ).  Until 25 you need to focus on hydration, 35  on prevention, 45 action and after, maintenance.  I’m a big fan of serums, maybe I’ll do a separate post about them, maybe untill then I’ll get my hands on some Timeless anti-aging serums.
  7. Yes, go for a facial time to time, it help your skin and nerves. Stress is a big factor when comes to early aging, so try to be stress as much as you can. Zen, chill, zen is one my mantras  🙂

Hope this helps, now I’m going to eat some walnuts!

Be free to share other anti aging tips and tricks <3

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  1. December 6, 2016 / 2:42 pm

    De acum o sa caut produse cu colagen, acid hialuronic. si vitamina C.