7 ways to enjoy winter more

I’ve just come back from the gym and in the locker room everybody was talking about how much they hate winter, the cold weather being the main reason. It didn’t even start to snow, that’s when things get really dark, ha!  During the conversation, I was looking the other way, ’cause I do not hate winter or maybe, I do not hate this winter, still, I sometimes happen to dislike the weather, but not hate it. I actually enjoy winter more than summer due to various reasons, number one being that I’m sweaty person and I don’t like to stay in the sun.

So, I here are a couple of tips to really enjoy winter from a person who kinda does.

  1. Take up on a winter sport, so you can look forward to practice it every winter, hence making the cold season better. I can’t wait to get back on my snowboard.
  2. Make your home super comfy. How can’t you enjoy a big fluffy blanket?
  3. Create a reading list and snug up in that fluffy blanket I told you about. You prefer movies? Create a movie list or just go on Netflix, it will suck you in.
  4. Pick only the right clothes, of course you hate winter if you’re always cold. Why you’re always cold? Because of you’re wearing the wrong clothes! Also, layering is key!
  5. Get yourself an advent calendar, it will bring a little joy every day when you’ll open a new spot/ door or whatever it’s called.
  6. Can’t run outside and you avoid getting to the gym because of the cold, exercise indoor at home. There are many great routines online. I sometimes do 15 minutes of weights & legs combo to get me going.
  7. Indulge! Hot chocolate, mulled wine, a cinnamon bun here and there, you’ve just exercised :))

I may look slightly underdressed in this head to toe Funky Buddha outfit, but I’m not. The sweater kept it warm and the poncho gave me that extra touch of coziness. My ankles suffered a bit, but they survived.

Who is this Funky Buddha? Funky Buddha is a new cool store in Ro located in Baneasa Shopping City that I had the chance to check out a couple of weeks ago after a delicious hot cocoa. Be sure to check them out yourself!

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photos by Manuela Lupascu <3