Celebrity inspired red carpet dresses

I’m going to tell you a little secret, sometimes, involuntary I tend to eavesdrop on other people conversation. It’s not like I want to all the time, there are times I do because the conversations are just too delicious, but there are times that I can’t “not hear” them. You know, when you are on the subway and two ladies are chatting about their boyfriends or students about their professors and so on. I once listen to an entire conversation about how a girls roommate stole her bedsheets or something like that, unfortunately  I didn’t have my headphones with me.

Lately, I’ve been hearing conversations about women’s obsession with celebrities dresses, one at the gym and one at my nail saloon.

At the gym there was the trainer explaining how gorgeous was a dress Rihanna wore at I’m not sure which event and like that she would love a similar dress as hers for a Christening she was attending.

The other one was more than hour worth of Oscars red carpet dresses because the lady in cause was going to a godmother and tailor made two celebrity inspired dresses. She was explaining how everything was  big hassle, didn’t find the right material, the right seamstress and so on.

Well, the thing is that there are plenty of sites that sell celebrity inspired dresses for their clients to avoid the hassle.

And because New Years Eve and party season is right around the corner, I selected a couple of red Oscars and Grammy red  carped dresses for you from xdressy.com

My fav from the bunch is  from their Taylor Swift red carpet dresses section. It’s not an entirely red dress, cheated a little bit here, but a red & champagne one. It gives the impression of separated and looks ahhmazing.


Yes, this a Rihanna red dress “hit”, check more Rihanna red carpet dresses.


And the last is a Selena Gomez dress. I do like her a lot, she seems like a really nice person, she just gives me that vibe. See more Selena red carpet dresses.