Who Decides Which Designers Get To Show at Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is a fashion event held at various locations at which designers are able to showcase their latest collections, with press and fashion buyers attending from all over the world.

They are held at various regular dates throughout the year every year and, though a specific time period is outlined in the event’s name, it can actually go on for longer than a week.

There is a Fashion Week held in cities across the world that are considered to be at the forefront of the fashion world, with the ‘Big Four’ being New York, London, Paris and Milan. However, fashion week events can also be held in other cities.

There are some variations to the shows in the different cities, such as haute couture being shown in Paris and Fashion Weekend following the official event in London where the public can attend. Similar events can be held in other cities & venues, such as at the Mid Town Loft


Anyone who follows fashion week will be able to do so at all the different cities where the events take place.

Those that follow Fashion Week can expect to be able to see the latest trends through the latest designs. The looks that can be found on the runway will often influence high street shops, which will make the clothes more affordable for the public and make it possible to wear what is in for the season.

There are some names that are so well-known in the world of high fashion that they have become synonymous with Fashion Week. These will tend to be highly successful and well-established, which will give them precedence when it comes to showing at Fashion Week.

Accordingly, those designers that have regularly shown their collections at Fashion Week in previous years, and which are successful will show regularly.

Consequently, even before the schedule for the event has been set, those who follow fashion will have a good idea of who they can expect to see.

There is no official controlling body that determines which designers will show at Fashion Week, so it actually comes down to a range of different factors.

The designers that show their latest collections have always been known to hold a prominent position in proceedings, not only by being included, but also by being scheduled to show their collections at the most popular times and locations.

Though the odd lesser-known designer will occasionally get through to show their clothes – even this is at secondary venues – the experienced designers will always dominate.

Designers will often show in the cities in which they are based, but they can also show in different ones. This will enable designers to present their clothes in markets where they are popular or where they want to increase their popularity.

Linked to the fact that the well-known designers will take priority, they are the ones that are more likely to have the funds to be able to be able to put on an impressive show, which is often called for to make a mark at Fashion Week.


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