Farbod Barsum handbags and accessories

I think Monday might be transformed into a handbag and accessories day as last week we have a post about bags also. What can I say, I do really love bags, we have a special relation.

Today I want to introduce you a new brand and designer I discovered recently, Farbod Barsum who designs luxe exotic handbags & accessories.

Who is Farbod Barsum? Well he is the designer behind its namesake brand! From an early age, Farbod, was surrounded with design and compositional discipline as both of his parents are architects. Having lived with art from and early age, it turned into a passion and he studied Art History, fashion design and Architecture.


After working  working for some of the most prestigious fashion houses as well as architectural design firms,Farbod decided to share his vision of iconic style to the world. That’s how, in 2010, the Farbod Barsum Handbag brand  launched.

His designs draw inspiration from architecture and nature, balancing structural and organic composition. As you may observe from the pictures.

All the materials that are used for the manufacturing of the bags, are hand selected by Farbod. All the exotic skin handbags are carefully crafted by master artisans and the elements incorporated in the pieces get special attention too. The hardware is custom, so every item is hand cast and polished one piece at a time.

 Also, the brand invented a signature combination of the use of two or more types of exotic leather on one bag. The combo evolved in a signature exotic leather color block that was picked up by other major international fashion houses and included in their collections.

I’m absolutely loving their clutches collection they are so luxurious and quite popular among Hollywood stars too * wink, wink* But my fav is a black alligator cross body bag.

You can find them online on farbodbarsum.com and in Beverly Hills, Maldives & Moscow.