Do you have a purse obsession?

I just came back from my little city break in Rome and somehow, the second time I like the city more than the first time. I guess it’s because of where I stayed, but about that later on the blog and in a new vlogg, * wink, wink *

Today, will talk a bit or a bit more about purse obsessions, because I’d be a liar if I’d say that  I don’t have one.  The good thing? It didn’t start until I was 18 or around that age, I think just a bit later after I started this blog. Why? Because before then I was the biggest tomboy that loves rock and backpacks, ha! I still am sometimes, but I wear skirts and dresses now too.

My first purse or bag, whatever you want to call it, that I can remember off was actually a colorful simple tote bag that I sighted at for month until I got it. I think it was for a more fancy grocery shopping, but I used for books and notebooks. Then came another fabric tote bag with a 60’s psychedelic print that I received for my birthday. It was maroon with yellow, orange and a touch of green. Something quite sinister to be sincere. Then I found a lovely leather western hobo number tucked away in a second hand store. You can’t imagine how much I love that bag, so much that I wore until it was so damaged that couldn’t be worn anymore, such a pity. It was spacious, versatile and quite trendy at that moment. Arghh.

After that, I came across a wholesale handbags for women site and ordered me a cross body camel suede satchel, very similar to a very popular bag at that moment, bag I didn’t afford nor it was available here. How, I loved that also.

Then came numerous other bags, some which I have until today. Like my first designer bag, a super lovely Coach handbag that I still wear from time to time.

The reason I’ve telling you all of this is that I found a handbags wholesale for women site called Purse Obsession. They carry lots of styles and have a store in California.

I picked a couple of fun styles to see what you will find on their site.


Ahh and speaking about my boho western bag, they also have lots of western purses for women.

So, do you have a purse obsession?