Classic Engagement Ring Styles for the Timeless Bride

Some women prefer only the most modern designs when it comes to their clothing, their jewelry, and their accessories, while others prefer the more timeless look that will never really go out of style. If you’re planning on proposing and purchasing a beautiful engagement ring with that timeless element that your girlfriend prefers, keep reading to learn more about a few of the classic engagement ring styles that are available and perfect for the timeless bride. Then click here to check out some of those styles and purchase the best one for your beloved.

A Simple and Classic Round Diamond

A solitaire round diamond is so beautiful on its own that it doesn’t need any other decoration around it. You can purchase a simple gold band that features a flawless white diamond right in the center for your timeless bride, and she is sure to love it. This is a ring design that will never go out of style, as it exudes class and beauty without being overly gaudy.

A Marquise Diamond

If you are in search of something a little different from your typical round diamond engagement ring, you can instead opt for a setting that has a lovely marquise diamond. This cut has a vintage flair to it, and it also exudes timeless beauty. Be aware that this cut is trending again, but it is also one of those styles that, regardless of trends, will always be in demand.

Gemstones Instead of Diamonds

Diamonds weren’t always the centerpiece of engagement rings. In fact, before diamonds became really popular and trendy, engagement rings featured colorful gemstones instead. Whether you opt for a ring with your girlfriend’s birthstone, her favorite color, or a gem that means something to both of you, this style of engagement ring is a classic and timeless option that you are both sure to love. Remember that, like diamonds, you should look at the clarity, not just the color, of the gemstone that you decide upon. And you can even consider mixing these gemstones with diamonds to create a truly unique and expensive looking engagement ring that your bride will be proud to show off every day.

Rose Gold and Diamonds

A really beautiful and eye-catching combination is rose gold with white diamonds. A timeless bride, and one who enjoys a vintage appearance, will definitely fall in love with this style of engagement ring. You can keep it simple with a plain rose gold band and a solitary white diamond in the center, or you can look for a more elaborate style, depending upon what you think your girlfriend would prefer to see when you finally pop the question.

Pavé Diamonds

A plain engagement ring setting can be made more spectacular with the addition of pave diamonds. The additional shine from the precious stones will be eye-catching, yet they will be classic and timeless, just like your bride. 

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring for a bride who is truly timeless.