Tips to pick the right color contact lenses

Contact lenses are extremely appealing for various reasons. Some find them more comfortable compared to spectacles. They are more fashionable too. Colored contacts works differently on different people, and a good deal of this depends on the color and type that one wish to wear.

Here are few tips you can know your colored lenses well :

You can select colored lenses based on your skin tone:

If you have fair skin tone then almost all kinds of colour will go well with your look. But will still suggest you to try on blue, gray, aqua color lenses. In case you have dusky skin tone go for warm colors, smoky colors, autumn colored lenses. If you are tanned, you need bright colored contact lenses like gray, brown and again it depends on what kind of effects you wanna get.

How often you want to use it :

Do you wish to wear the lenses on a regular basis or just for special occasions? This is little tricky since some colored lenses are designed in an unlike way. Soft colored lenses for instance, are unique for those who want to wear the lenses on special events only. Basic colored lenses on the other hand, are suggested for regular use.

If your concern is based on sharp vision:

Sharp vision is an element to consider for individuals using colored lenses to correct their eyesight. It does not play a role in superficial colored lenses since such  lens lack power. Hence while looking for colored lenses with vision clarity, gas permeable lenses are usually the best. However ensure to relax your eyes and your mind after work by removing those lenses and by playing bingo at which will surely help you unwind after a hectic day.

How frequently do you prefer to alter your eye color?

This is an important question for users of colored lenses for the simple reason that such lenses are capable of changing your look to give a different and bold looks. If you need to change your eye color regularly, you may consider choosing a variety of lenses according to your wardrobe collection. As these are available with or without vision correction. Just consult a doctor before using those lenses.

Selecting the right colored lenses may seem to be challenging, but with a little research and consultation with your optician, this won’t be very difficult.


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  1. May 26, 2016 / 8:57 am

    i hope blue color contact lenses give u great look if your color is fair…