For Your Bestie: Picking the Perfect Present for a Special Friend

You’ve already gotten your friend all the usual stuff. This time, it needs to be special. Like, extra special. They are your bestie, after all. But, what to get?
A Magazine Subscription
Magazines. It seems like everyone has a subscription to something. But, here’s the thing. If your friend doesn’t have to pay for it, they may actually be more inclined to actually read it – especially if it’s a gift from you. 
Figure out your friend’s favorite magazine, or just pick their favorite topic and do your research. You’re looking for the very best magazine in that genre or niche. Once you’ve found it, buy a “test” magazine. Read it through. Does it seem legit? 
OK, then buy a year’s subscription to it. Pay it in full and don’t leave your credit card on file with the company. No matter how awesome it is, it’s not worth fighting over the renewal next year. 
A Spa Treatment
Who doesn’t like a massage or facial? Maybe your friend is into manis and pedis? Whatever you think will go over well, get that. A massage series might also be a good idea. Basically, the way that works is that you sign up for a series of massages over time. Let’s say your friend has been hitting the gym pretty hard, or is a polo player, or does some kind of sport and really jacked up their neck or back or something. 
A massage series can help your friend unwind. The first massage might be a deep tissue massage. Then, over time, that switches to a gentler kind of massage. You could also include a facial treatment and maybe some nail work. 
A New eBook Reader
Does your friend like to read? If so, buy them a new eBook reader. Seems like an expensive gift, right? Not really. They can be bought for under $100. Sure, if you get a brand new one, you’ll pay a lot. It all depends on just how much of a bestie you are. Lifetime besties probably deserve the latest model. 
Personalized Baby Clothes
If your friend just had a baby, here’s the perfect gift: personalized products, especially baby clothes. No, seriously. Stores like Bed Bath&Beyond house a personalized shop where you can buy personalized gifts. 
Most moms love getting baby clothes because they’re expensive and yet necessary. Customizing them gives her something to keep even when baby grows out of them. And, she’ll always remember you. 
A Margareta Kit
Now we’re talkin’. What’s cooler than margaritas (maybe frozen margaritas?)? And, being the bestie that you are, you can help your friend try it out. 
Get a kit with a bartender’s mixer, fresh ingredients (hold the premade, overly sweet mixes), glasses, a mortar and pestle, and other related equipment (like a pitcher). 
Oh, and don’t forget the booze. A tequila like Casa Noble Crystal or Don Julio works very well for margaritas. For the quintessential margarita, go with Herradura. If you can’t get your hands on that, get a 100% pure agave tequila. 

Amber Walsh is a student who writes articles in her free time, mostly for women’s lifestyle blogs. She is a shopaholic, gadget geek and wannabe world explorer!


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  2. March 23, 2016 / 1:11 pm

    Nice tips. I bought last year a spa treatment for my best friend. They still talking about this today.