Winter Wishlist, Things I Wanna Get My Hands On

Let me start by saying that besides wanting, I do really need the following things and a full snowboarding equipment, but hey I will get them all, at some point in the near future.

What’s with the snowboarding equipment? Well, ’cause I’ll go to Austria for the New Year’s to party on the slops, ha! Yes, yes, I’m a very happy panda to say so.

I had a pair of Emu  boots on my wishlist also but I ordered me a pair last week,  they should arrive today. Will share them on instagram later.
First and foremost, I have my eyes on a pair of Rag & Bones jeans, they are called The Legging in Night and you can find them on Paulie Clothing’s Women’s Designer Jeans section.

Also,  I’ve fallen   in love with these Halston Heritage Jennifer suede knee boots, aren’t they gorgeous? I do need a pair of suede knee boots, I really do, seriously, why don’t you believe me?

Aww, and a winter coat, this one is a must because I don’t wanna freeze or walk around in my future snowboarding jacket, ha! Love that Rag & Bone Sullivan Wool Military Coat in Salute one. Developing a bit of an obsession with Rag & Bone it seems.

So, what do you have on your wishlist?  For me, this is just the beginning though…

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