Make Time with Tory Burch & The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal launched a quite magnificent campaign which encourages people to simply “Make Time”.

Featuring ambitious, successful and intellectually curious readers who make time to read the Journal , “Make Time” kicks off with Tory Burch, Chief Executive Officer, designer and philanthropist; Bill McDermott, Chief Executive Officer of SAP, entrepreneur and author; and, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist.
The campaign highlights the value of making time to read the Journal, no matter how busy people are.

It’s not about “having time”, it’s about “making” time so here are 5 tips for better time management:

  • create a plan every day
  • learn to say “no”
  • block out distractions
  • prioritize 
  • and don’t fuss about silly, unimportant details 😉
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