Treat yourself with a Bio Sculpture Gel manicure

…and get a complete treatment for your nails also!
I’ve postponed going to 1Concept for a Bio Sculpture Gel manicure for about two months, but I finally got the chance to go this week. What can I say, I’m mesmerized. Other than the fact that the whole process is very relaxing, at least for me, I love having my nails done, the gel doesn’t damage your natural nails but nourishes and enhances them.
Bio Sculpture is the only nail care company worldwide to receive a 5 star safety rating for tolerability and efficacy. There is no abrasive preparation, no priming or dehydration and very minimal buffing so the natural nail should not be dehydrated or damaged.
Pretty cool, no?
I’ve picked a beautiful petrol blue shade, Corina worked wonders and she is super sweet!

More info here.


  1. February 25, 2015 / 12:12 pm

    They look very beautiful!