My experience with Pick N Dazzle

When I first entered after I received my invitation to what turned out to be a very enchanting Monday evening, I though wow, this is not a ro site. I was wrong this time, surprise surprise, Pick N Dazzle is a local service, for now at least, because they plan to expand.
Ok, so what is Pick N Dazzle? It’s your own friend and beauty expert, you fill out your Beauty Profile and every month based on your answers, and in time, on your feedback, you receive a goodie bag, Beauty pick,  with four full size products to use and love.
There’s a smart algorithm in place so everybody receives a custom Beauty pick solely for her, how cool is that? Yeah, there no standard beauty picks for anybody. Aaaand there’s someone who double checks the picks also.
You can go for Sleek Picks, Dazzling Picks or Premium Picks depending on your budget, and you get a discount if you stick with Pick N Dazzle for a longer period. No shipping costs or other nonsense hidden fees. 
I’m quite excited for Pick N Dazzle, because I really do love the concept and their high attention to detail so they can cater the beauty needs of their users spot on.
The beauty picks come wonderfully packaged as you can observe from the photos, I waited a day to open mine.. Yeah, I’m that patient when it comes to good causes, like photos & videos.
What was in my Beauty Pick you may ask?
  • Oxygenating and moisturizing cream from Naobay, which I already started to use and it is amazing.
  • Shower gel with organic acacia honey from Abellie which smells utterly divine
  • Chain of stones nail polish from Teeez, love the color
  • Desert lush sheer lipstick also from Teeez in Red Onyx shade that suits me perfectly. 
  • And two bonus samples also.
Love, love, love my Premium Beauty Picks!
So, how does everything sound? Go fill in your Beauty profile on to see how fun the site is. 
Aww, and they have a Christmas promotion, so if you join their beauty service for the next 6 months, you’ll receive chic presents to Treat Yourself, check it out here.
 Aaand in case you missed me, here’s a selfie with the above Teeez lipstick.

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  1. December 17, 2014 / 11:46 am

    super! 🙂