Tips to make and keep a habit

I just came home from the gym and after one week pause, I felt so rusty, my knees, my back were like, why are you bothering us, go back to sleep.
Felt the need to complain a bit, because I know I won’t have the chance to do that at Alternative Fitness on Thursday.
What I wanted to talk about today is habits as I read an interesting quote the other day,  ” Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what gets you going”, which is quite true. In time, going to gym became a habit, taking photos for the blog was a habit, going to events was a habit.
But like everything,  not doing a certain activity for while it is a bit hard to start over again. Besides eating crappy food, you slip once, and you’re doomed!
Anyway, tips on how to make and keep a habit:
  1. Think why is making the certain activity important to you. Having an active life, networking, growing your business, you know what I mean. 
  2. Make a plan and visualize the process and the outcome. 
  3. Prioritize stress management & tasks. Get organized and make lists. Every time, I write down what I have to do for the day or week, I get it done, if not, almost always I forget to do something and  then I have to skip on something else to do that. And that’s how my  blog’s social life goes out the drain.
  4. Make small & big goals and reward yourself when achieving them.
  5. Have someone to make you accountable, this one works wonders. 
The above picture is from The One 10 years of Inspiration Gala, at which I wouldn’t have gone if it was not for a client. Yeah, I’m like that…